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Fujikura Ventus Blue 2024 Wood Shaft The Ultimate Consistency Upgrade

Having the right golf shafts fitted to your golf clubs can be the key to unlocking more distance, better accuracy, and improved ball striking. It sounds like a tall claim,...

Having the right golf shafts fitted to your golf clubs can be the key to unlocking more distance, better accuracy, and improved ball striking.

It sounds like a tall claim, doesn’t it?

For the engineers at Fujikura, it’s very much a reality. Fujikura has long been at the forefront of producing some of the highest-performing carbon composite shafts available in golf.

In 2018, Fujikura launched the first generation of the Ventus family of shafts. With Ventus, Fujikura poured every piece of technical know-how to create a series of driver shafts and fairway wood shafts that deliver on the promise of improved distance, accuracy, and ball striking.

What Fujikura produced with the Ventus family of shafts has had massive success on tour, with the average number of players using a Ventus shaft in their drivers ranging between 30% and 40% week in and week out. Three of the last eight major champions and the current world number one and number two players in the game use versions of Ventus shafts.

2024 sees the launch of the new Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore + shaft. Fujikura knows it has a job on its hands, given the success of the previous generations of Ventus and stiffer competition.

But Fujikura is sticking to its principles. The new Ventus Blue represents the pinnacle of technology that can be put into Fujikura golf shafts.

The Ventus Blue is the natural choice to update first, as it offers the most comprehensive array of custom-fitting options for the biggest demographic of golfers. Although not confirmed, we would hazard a guess that Fujikura will update the red and black series as well at a later date.

But for now, join us as we look deeper into the new Fujikura Ventus Blue 2024 shafts. In our guide, we’ll look at:

  • The Heart Of The New Ventus Blue Shaft - VeloCore +
  • Where Does The New Ventus Shaft Fit In?
  • How Can Ventus Blue Help Us On The Course
  • The Benefits Of Being Custom-Fitted for Ventus Blue

Fujikura Ventus Blue 2024 Golf Wood Shaft

The Heart Of The New Ventus Blue Shaft - VeloCore +

At the heart of the original Ventus shafts was its Velocore technology, which was created through extensive research using Fujikura’s in-house ENSO system.

The ENSO system would require a separate post to detail its function and how it is used to design Fujikura golf shafts. At this stage, all we need to know is that ENSO is a series of 10 high-speed cameras that capture the golf club’s shaft movement throughout the swing via strategically fitted diodes to the club.

These cameras chart how a shaft twists, bends, loads, and unloads throughout the swing. This information is vitally important as it also highlights how the movement in the shaft can affect the clubface, especially at impact. The original Velocore was created using this data, which incorporated a multi-material construction process combining strength with feel and stability.

In creating Velocore +, Fujikura has returned to the drawing board and worked with its ENSO system to uncover ways to improve the formula. The net result is a new material added to the original Pitch 70-ton and 40-ton layers, creating a new layout forming the new Velocore + technology.

This might seem like an easy task, but Fujikura has been working on updating Velocore for several years, finding suitable materials to add and perfecting how new materials can be integrated into the existing setup.

The new makeup is then extensively tested, and results are recorded to assess whether the new makeup improves the baseline performance data of the existing Ventus shaft. With the introduction of Velocore +, Fujikura expects the 2024 Ventus Blue family to feature enhanced ball speeds at impact while tightening up shot dispersion further.

Where Does The New Ventus Shaft Fit In?

Fujikura offers two options within the Ventus family. The original Ventus Blue and the Ventus Blue TR.

The Ventus Blue shafts offer a high degree of smoothness when transitioning from backswing to downswing. The original shaft’s stability comes from its extra-stiff tip section, stiff midsection, and firm handle section profile.

The Ventus TR option was developed by players with high swing speeds who found the Ventus Blue a little too soft in the handle.

After careful analysis, Fujikura returned to ENSO and devised a solution to firm up the handle section by adding a new Spread Tow carbon fibre material that could be intertwined into the existing weave.

The newly launched Fujikura Ventus Blue 2024 will be the updated version of the original shaft. The Ventus Blue TR will remain in the lineup, giving fitters further flexibility when dialling the right shaft for the right player.

How Can Ventus Blue Help Us On The Course

What is your primary concern when you are hitting your golf driver? Is it maximum distance? Do we believe that if we upgrade our golf driver every couple of years, we’ll be able to unlock those crucial extra yards?

Hitting the ball further certainly has benefits, but there are different ways to achieve those extra yards. Where do we place accuracy in this equation? What’s the benefit of adding an extra 10 yards to our drives if we don’t have the accuracy to match?

The key to Fujikura’s success with the Ventus range is providing those precious extra yards and stability that help us put the ball in play.

With the combination of Velocore and now the new Velocore +, coupled with the shaft profile of the Ventus Blue, golfers are getting more ball speed, distance, and a tighter shot dispersion after being fitted with Fujikura’s finest.

And while we talk about things like increased MOI in head design, what Fujikura is creating through Velocore + compliments the new head designs.

Whether you are number one in the world or a golfer looking to reduce their handicap, we are united by the fact that the game of golf is much easier when we are a long way down the hole facing a short shot and being on the fairway.

Proper fitting is the key to reaching that promised land and an experienced customer fitter can help you unlock the full potential of the new Ventus Blue shafts.

The Benefits Of Being Custom-Fitted for Ventus Blue

From testing with many different types of golfers, we know that the Ventus range performs to expectations. What we also like about the Ventus range, which is continuing with the new Ventus Blue line, is the incredible depth of choice available for custom-fitting.

Focusing our attention on the Ventus Blue, there are:

  • 5 different models - Ventus 5 to Ventus 9
  • 3 different weight options in the Ventus Blue 5 and 6 models
  • 2 different weight options in the Ventus 7 and 8 models
  • 1 shaft weight in the Ventus 9

There is also a wide variety of flexes, ranging from R2, designed for slower swing speeds and available in the Ventus Blue 5 range, to Tour Extra Stiff, available in the Ventus Blue 6 to 9 models.

This gives us plenty of custom-fitting options to cover golfers with medium swing speeds up to those with the fastest clubhead speeds.

Using GC Quad launch monitor technology, we aren’t just tracking gains in distance; we can also focus on shot dispersion and strike efficiency to test Fujikura’s claims and help you improve your driving game.

Fujikura is one of the premium brands when it comes to high-quality graphite composite shafts. The Ventus range encapsulates every inch of technical know-how within Fujikura to produce a shaft that delivers performance with accuracy and consistency.

The new Ventus Blue heralds Fujikura’s updated VeloCore + technology, upping the ante of what a graphite composite shaft can do while providing the broadest possible range of fitting options. This ensures golfers with medium to fast swing speeds can hit better drives powered by Ventus Blue.

If you want to improve your driving this year, book a custom-fitting session with one of our experienced fitters and see which Ventus Blue shaft would best suit your game.

You can also visit the Nine by Nine Golf website to see the depth of options available within the 2024 Ventus Blue range, along with the rest of the Ventus family and other premium Fujikura golf shafts.

If you have any further questions about the Fujikura Ventus Blue range or anything related to custom fitting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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