AeroTech Iron Golf Shafts

Aerotech specialises in iron golf shafts, but choosing Aerotech will provide you with far more than just that.

Traditional steel iron golf shafts are heavy, but are still preferred by many golfers for their consistency and feel. Graphite iron golf shafts are more lightweight, providing increased distances and forgiveness, but sacrifice the heavy stability of 100% steel golf shafts.

Aerotech was not satisfied to leave it at that. They’re dedicated to building innovative technologies which bridge the gap between lightness and stability, heaviness and distance. And from this desire to create a range of golf shafts that would allow players to achieve great distances and high swing speeds without losing accuracy and control, SteelFiber technology was born.

Aerotech SteelFiber Golf Shafts

With a track record of more professional tour wins than any other graphite iron shaft, Aerotech SteelFiber golf shafts stand as the preferred choice among elite players worldwide. And this is no happy accident: the technology used in these innovative golf shafts has been designed to provide players with the ability to achieve higher swing speeds and greater distances without sacrificing control or feel. But how do they do it?

The core of a SteelFiber shaft is a sophisticated composite design that integrates filament-wound carbon fibre. This results in a shaft that is both robust and lightweight, providing players with the best of both worlds - no longer must you choose between the lightweight power of a 100% graphite shaft or the heavy stability of a 100% steel shaft.

The ultra-thin stainless steel filaments are about 1/10th the thickness of a human hair. Combined with carbon fibre strands and spun onto spools, this is the composite material used in the core of Aerotech SteelFiber golf shafts. The result, here, is a shaft that offers unmatched stability, consistency, and feel. The steel filaments provide the rigidity and stability typically associated with steel shafts, while the carbon fibre core reduces overall weight and enhances flexibility. This unique combination allows golfers to generate more clubhead speed, resulting in longer and straighter shots.

If the promise of greater distance wasn’t enough, the innate vibration dampening properties of carbon fibre reduce the risk of injury and fatigue, allowing you to maintain peak performance for longer. 


Aerotech Gener8 Golf Shafts   

It’s not only about SteelFiber when it comes to Aerotech. Their revolutionary way of designing golf shafts has spread further than their most popular technology, and into their most lightweight shaft design - the Gener8.

Aerotech's Gener8 Graphite Golf Shafts stand out as a top choice for golfers seeking the superior performance and distance of the SteelFiber series in an even more lightweight shaft. Engineered with a Seamless Filament Wound (SFW) Core Technology and a high elastic composite micro-fiber outer veil, these shafts deliver impressive distance while maintaining consistency throughout the swing. 

The Gener8’s uniformity and control sets it apart from other graphite iron golf shafts, ensuring reliable performance across all aspects of the game. Designed for lightweight yet powerful performance, the Gener8 offers golfers a winning combination of distance and precision on the course.


Aerotech Iron Golf Shafts Custom Fittings

Aerotech’s various iron golf shaft models vary in weight, flex, torque, tip and bend point. This is to ensure your shaft is perfectly tailored to your requirements and technique. At Golf Tech UK, we offer a range of golf club fitting consultations to support you in finding a combination that fits you as a golfer. This includes support when you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit but you aren’t sure where to start - we’ve all been there.

Our team at Golf Tech UK provides in-depth golf knowledge to guide you through the AeroTech product line. Whether you're in search of custom-built drivers, a complete set of custom-built irons, or expert advice on custom fitting, then Golf Tech UK is here to help you

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