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Elevate Your Swing with Fujikura Golf Shafts at Nine by Nine Golf

Fujikura’s mission is to bring joy to all golfers, and the way their golf shafts can transform your game on the course does just that. Established as Fujikura Composites America in 1994 after first finding success back home in Japan, Fujikura quickly became the #1 driver, wood, and hybrid shaft. The debut of the Speeder 757 on the PGA Tour in 1998 marked the start of a new era for golf shafts.

Today, Fujikura continues to lead the way in golf shaft innovation through the use of their ENSO 3-D motion capture fitting system, which is used to dynamically measure the club and shaft both before and after the swing to provide swing analysis variables. These variables are integrated with data from the most advanced ball flight monitors available to produce some of the world’s best performance golf shafts not through trial and error, but through science, engineering, and technology.

Fujikura Wood Shafts

Fujikura’s flagship shafts are their Ventus, Ventus TR and 2024 Ventus series, which leverage the brand’s VeloCore Technology, which is a multi-material bias core construction technique which delivers massive stability by focusing on transition and impact. These tour-inspired shafts were the first to use VeloCore, with the original Ventus featuring an accelerated taper and an ultra-stiff tip profile. Since its release in 2018, the Ventus has been followed by the TR and the 2024 series with added stability and consistency, providing greater results with each new release. 

As well as the Ventus, Fujikura’s range of wood shafts includes the Speeder NX, which features a Variable Torque Core created from premium materials and advanced layup techniques to refine twisting in the shaft’s core. Fujikura also make the Vista Pro, which is built to suit any golfer and any swing, completely redesigned in 2021 to provide an updated and balanced profile using new designs and the latest materials. This is a performance-driven series, with a lightweight Phantium Finish which optimises weight savings to create a lighter, smoother hybrid shaft that provides a higher launch and more spin to maximise carry distance.

Fujikura Hybrid Shafts

The Fujikura Ventus Hybrid, like the Ventus wood shafts, uses VeloCore Technology to put it a head above the rest in terms of performance. Created for tour-like speeds, the Ventus is suited to golfers who need to maintain or reduce their spin by creating a consistent, accurate trajectory. When you do miss the centre, the Fujikura Ventus Hybrid shafts will keep your club head stable, keeping your ball speed high and maximising your hybrid’s MOI.

Fujikura Iron Shafts

Fujikura’s VeloCore Technology is also available in an all-new composite iron shaft, the Fujikura AXIOM. This performance-driven iron shaft delivers consistency, stability, and unprecedented workability to improve the swing of any golfer, no matter the shot. 

In AXIOM, VeloCore has been modified to fit the questions asked of any iron shaft, ensuring the technology is just as impactful as it is in the Ventus wood shaft. In the iron shaft, VeloCore increases club stability during the swing and at impact to deliver efficient strikes and improved performance when you miss the centre of the club head.

Fujikura Golf Shaft Custom Fittings at Nine by Nine Golf

At Nine by Nine Golf, we offer a range of golf club fitting consultations to support you in finding a combination that fits you as a golfer. This includes support when you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit but you aren’t sure where to start - we’ve all been there.

Our team at Nine by Nine Golf provides in-depth golf knowledge to guide you through the Fujikura product line. Whether you're in search of custom-built drivers, a complete set of custom-built irons, or expert advice on custom fitting, Nine by Nine Golf is here to help you.

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