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XXIO Golf Clubs

XXIO Golf is a premium Japanese golf brand under Dunlop Sports offering expertly engineered golf clubs for optimum performance on the course. Designed for golfers of all skill levels, XXIO golf clubs are made to provide maximum distance and forgiveness through advanced designs and premium components.

XXIO Golf Technology

XXIO Golf uses a range of innovative technologies to achieve such enhanced performance for golfers, such as ActivWing, Rebound Frames, and Weight Plus. ActivWing is used in XXIO Golf drivers to enhance their aerodynamics by stabilising the clubhead during the swing, reducing air resistance and increasing clubhead speed. This results in longer, straighter shots and more consistent contact with the ball.

The XXIO Rebound Frame features alternating zones of varying flexibility, maximising energy transfer from the club to the ball by creating multiple areas on the clubface and body that flex during impact. By optimising the flex and rigidity in different parts of the clubhead, more energy is directed towards the ball, maximising the force applied and leading to longer shots. The design also provides more consistency across the clubface, allowing you to achieve greater distances even on off-centre hits.

XXIO Golf’s Weight Plus technology is designed to enhance the overall balance and feel of the golf club, making it easier for golfers to achieve better and more consistent results. The design features additional weight in the butt end of the shaft, shifting the club’s centre of gravity closer to the golfer’s hands and allowing for a smoother, more controlled swing. This can help reduce the effort required to swing the club, making it ideal for golfers with a slower swing speed.

XXIO Golf Irons

XXIO Golf irons, such as the XXIO 12 Golf Iron, utilise the brand’s exclusive technology to provide incredible speed and accuracy. The ultra-lightweight design translates to faster ball speeds and longer distances, enhanced even more by the XXIO 12’s titanium iron face, which is designed to flex more than ever, and the long irons feature a low centre of gravity designed for maximum carry. The short irons, on the other hand, feature a higher centre of gravity, prioritising control for a better high-low moment of inertia. 

XXIO Golf Drivers

XXIO Golf’s high-performing golf drivers such as the XXIO 12 Golf Driver use their ActivWing and Rebound Frame technology to decrease your swing fatigue, allowing you to hit it big even after hours on the course. The driver’s face is crafted from Super-TIX-51AF Titanium, which allows for a thinner centre over a large cup face, increasing the driver’s sweet spot. 

XXIO Golf Club Custom Fittings at Nine by Nine Golf

At Nine by Nine Golf, we offer a range of golf club fitting consultations to support you in finding a combination that fits you as a golfer. This includes support when you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit but you aren’t sure where to start - we’ve all been there.

Our team at Nine by Nine Golf provides in-depth golf knowledge to guide you through the Evnroll product line. Whether you're in search of custom-built drivers, a complete set of custom-built irons, or expert advice on custom fitting, Nine by Nine Golf is here to help you.

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