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Elevate Your Golf Game with Miura Golf

Embark on a journey of golfing excellence with Miura Golf at Nine by Nine Golf. Our unwavering commitment to a bespoke experience extends to the entire Miura Golf lineup, from the precision of the KM700 series to the craftsmanship of the MB-101 blades, the performance of the MC-502 cavity backs, and the innovation of the CB-302. Step onto the course with confidence, equipped with Miura clubs custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, where every swing is a testament to artistry and precision.

Greens in Regulation with Miura Golf

KM700 Series:

The KM700 series from Miura stands as a testament to precision engineering. Crafted for golfers demanding ultimate control and performance, the KM700 irons showcase Miura's unwavering commitment to excellence. Meticulously crafted, these golf irons deliver consistent distance, accuracy, and an unparalleled feel. Custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, the KM700 series elevates your game to new heights, offering a golfing experience defined by precision and mastery.


The MB-101 blades from Miura Golf exemplify mastery in blade design. Crafted for golfers appreciating the ultimate in control, feedback, and workability, the MB-101 represents the pinnacle of the forging process. Each club is a work of art, offering a forged feel that allows you to shape shots with precision and confidence. Custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, these blades are the epitome of pure striking.


Miura's MC-502 cavity back irons seamlessly marry forgiveness with exceptional performance. Designed for golfers seeking a perfect balance between playability and forgiveness, these golf irons deliver consistent distance, accuracy, and a forged feel. Experience the fusion of precision and forgiveness with Miura's MC-502, custom-built to suit your swing at Nine by Nine Golf.


The CB-302 irons from Miura represent a harmonious blend of innovation and performance. Engineered to provide golfers with a unique combination of playability and shot-making capabilities, the CB-302 delivers on Miura's commitment to excellence. Custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, these cavity backs are designed to elevate your game, providing the versatility needed for various playing conditions.

Miura Wedges - Milled Tour and K-Grind 2.0

Milled Tour Wedges: Precision Scoring at Its Finest

Miura's Milled Tour Wedges stand out for their precision and craftsmanship. Engineered for the short game maestro, these golf wedges offer unrivaled spin, control, and shot-making capabilities. Milled to perfection, each wedge in this series represents the pinnacle of Miura's wedge design. Custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, the Milled Tour Wedges ensure your scoring opportunities around the greens are maximised.

K-Grind 2.0 Wedges: Versatility Redefined

The K-Grind 2.0 Golf Wedges from Miura Golf redefine versatility. Designed for golfers who demand maximum versatility in various turf conditions, the Miura K-Grind 2.0 Golf Wedge is a go-to golf wedge for shot creativity. The unique grind and profile of these wedges provide the playability needed for challenging lies and precise shot control. Custom-built at Nine by Nine Golf, the Miura K-Grind 2.0 Wedges offer a new level of confidence in your short game.

Crafting Your Miura Clubs - The Custom-Build Process

Our in-house team of expert club builders meticulously assembles each Miura golf club to your personal specifications. From golf shaft selection to lie angle adjustments, every detail is considered to create golf clubs that enhance your performance on the course.

Custom-Fitting Miura Golf Clubs at Nine by Nine Golf

During the custom-fitting process, our experienced fitters engage with you to understand your playing style, preferences, and performance goals. Whether you're drawn to the precision of Miura blades or the versatility of their cavity backs, our fitting experts guide you through a personalised consultation to determine the optimal club configuration for your game.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology in our custom-fitting studio, we analyse your swing dynamics comprehensively. Utilising state-of-the-art launch monitors and advanced analytics, we gather key metrics to make informed decisions on the optimal shaft flex, clubhead design, and grip size.

Step onto the course with confidence, equipped with Miura Golf clubs custom-fitted at Nine by Nine Golf. Feel the Miura difference – schedule a custom-fitting session today and discover a new level of golfing excellence tailored to your unique swing.

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