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Discover the Secret to Hitting Longer Drives

When I was a lad, I was always told to ‘swing it easy’ by my local pro. But just like the advice of ‘don’t move your head in the swing’,...

When I was a lad, I was always told to ‘swing it easy’ by my local pro.

But just like the advice of ‘don’t move your head in the swing’, this piece of guidance is outdated.

It was advice born from an era of persimmon clubs and hickory shafts.

The kind that you couldn’t swing too hard or else the clubhead would twist so viciously that it would be almost impossible to square the face. I found this out for myself at The Revival Golf Day at Golf at Goodwood

Nine by Nine Golf Custom Fitting

Combine that with a balata golf ball that would sidespin like crazy…and a faster golf swing became a recipe for lost golf balls.

Nowadays, junior golfers are taught to swing it fast, hit it far, and take advantage of the technology that we all have in our hands.

The latest drivers have all been designed to keep up ball speeds all the way across the face…

They also allow us to adjust settings that neutralise the ‘banana ball’ that most of us have in the back pocket ready to pull out when we’re on for our best rounds!

Added to that, the current golf ball that most of us play is designed to spin less and this combination has given us all the green light to actually go after our drives a bit more.

I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with a golfer who wouldn’t like to hit the ball a little further…

And for most, it’s merely just teaching them how to move their body in a better sequence.

Once they’ve done that they can release the brake a bit, and understand the difference between swinging ‘harder’ versus moving more explosively.

Nine by Nine Golf Custom Fitting

So if you’re currently suffering with the ignominy of being both short AND crooked…

Then give this drill a go to increase your ‘Top Speed’ with your golf swing:

  • Head down your local driving range that has a Trackman or Top Tracer:
  • After hitting a few balls with some shorter irons, warm up with a few lighter driver swings just to get a feel for movement
  • Then for 5-10 golf balls, really GO AFTER it!

(It doesn’t matter where it goes, just aim to try to move as quickly as you can)

  • Average out your ball speed for the drives
  • Keep a note of the average

(you could do this every 2-4 weeks and just keep a track of the trend to see if it’s moving up)

Nine by Nine Golf Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

What you’ll notice is that you’ll become better at making good contact with practice, and your ‘80% golf-course swing’ will be faster than before.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how you can use simple physics in order to hit the ball further then I’ve got a completely FREE Video Series that I call ‘The Distance Blueprint’, designed specifically for golfers like you.

It’s created to help golfers new to strength training gain a better understanding about how to exercise to improve their game and also how more speed and power is created in the golf swing.

And if you have any other questions or want to update me on your progress, feel free to reach out at, find me on Instagram @builtbybrownpt, or connect on LinkedIn.

All the best


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