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Explore the History of PXG Golf

We use the term “disruptor” to describe companies or individuals who create a product or brand entirely different from what is already available. We have all used a disruptor brand...

We use the term “disruptor” to describe companies or individuals who create a product or brand entirely different from what is already available. We have all used a disruptor brand at some point. You have used a disruptor brand if you’ve just watched the second season of “Full Swing” on Netflix. Had a golf holiday where you stayed in an Airbnb, you’ve used another disruptor brand.

Could we apply that term to any golf companies if we now have a better idea of what a disruptor brand is and who some of the most famous disruptor brands are?

There is one brand we can closely associated with the disruptor tag in golf - PXG.

PXG Golf burst onto the scene in 2014, ready to disrupt the industry’s powerhouses. PXG golf clubs were designed to be the best available, and they were not afraid to price their golf clubs at the premium end of the market. Since then, PXG Golf has continued innovating the market and the way we buy golf clubs.

Join us as we chart the story of PXG Golf, by covering:

  • The Man Behind PXG - Bob Parsons
  • The Early Clubs
  • The 2024 PXG Lineup
  • Considering PXG Clubs? Consider Custom Fitting

The Man Behind PXG - Bob Parsons

PXG Golf is the brainchild of Bob Parsons. Parsons is 73 years old and had an interesting life. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps, seeing action during the Vietnam War. He was wounded in action and subsequently received the illustrious Purple Heart award.

After his time in the military, Parsons set up his own business selling accounting software before founding GoDaddy, an internet domain registrar and web hosting company, in 1997.

During this time, Parsons had fallen in love with golf, but like many other golfers, he was frustrated that no matter how much equipment he bought, he still wasn’t getting better.

When the time came in 2013, Parsons sold a controlling stake in GoDaddy, and part of the money he made went into creating Parsons Xtreme Golf - PXG.

The challenge for the new company was simple and summed up by Parsons as:

“Design and develop the finest golf clubs ever played.”

The world saw the first PXG product, the PXG 0311 Gen1 irons, in 2015.

The Early Clubs

The PXG 0311 Gen1 irons set the stall out early for PXG. Three models were available at the outset, 0311, 0311T, 0311XF.

Looking at the 0311, which was aimed at most golfers, PXG incorporated a lot of technology to make the iron perform and give golfers an unparalleled feel.

The body of the iron was forged S25C carbon steel, while the face was constructed from ultra-thin HT1770 high-strength steel. The cavity between the face and body was filled with TPE - thermoplastic elastomer material designed to absorb vibration, helping to enhance the feel and sound of the clubface.

The 0311 model was best suited to most golfers, while the 0311T had a smaller head profile ideal for tour use. The 0311XF model had the biggest footprint and widest sole, making it better suited to higher-handicap golfers looking for more forgiveness.

Initial reviews of the 0311 Gen1 irons were favourable, but the cost was one stumbling block. A set of 8 irons would cost over £2000 ($2500).

This put the 0311s well above irons produced by the powerhouses of Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

Following on from the launch of the 0311 Gen1 irons, PXG launched its first golf driver.

As with the golf irons, the 0311 golf drivers offered something for every golfer. There were low-spinning bombers for faster swingers, standard models to fit most golfers, and an ultra-friendly high MOI driver to help golfers with slower swing speeds.

Out with the basic 0311 driver, the three other driver options featured carbon fibre crowns reducing overall weight and allowing the PXG engineers to strategically position the saved weight within the head to optimise the centre of gravity.

Premium-grade titanium was also employed in the face and body, along with PXG’s version of variable face thickness to maintain consistent ball speeds across the face.

PXG also used its TPE material to dampen vibrations and help position the centre of gravity within the driver’s head.

Customisation was at the heart of the PXG golf driver, with distinctive tungsten weights featured on the sole of each driver and a variable hosel that allows the driver to be dialled in perfectly for launch and spin.

After the launch of the drivers, PXG followed up with fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and putters.

Since the early launches, PXG has updated and refined the 0311 generation and added further ranges. PXG also made an interesting switch, offering golf clubs at a lower price point while maintaining higher prices for the 0311 range.

The 2024 PXG Lineup

PXG’s lineup offers something for every golfer at a wide range of price points.


O311, 0311XF Models

The PXG 0311 golf drivers are now in their 6th generation and remain the bedrock of the lineup. Two models are available, the standard 0311 and the 0311XF.

Both golf drivers feature PXG’s proprietary TI412 faces, made of a high-yield, low-elastic-modulus material designed to offer strength and flexibility across the face for improved ball speeds.

Both drivers also feature carbon fibre crowns to reduce weight and increase clubhead speed. In the case of the XF, the saved weight is positioned as far back and deep in the head, adding to its overall stability.

Both drivers feature PXG’s custom weighting options on the sole, along with additional weight screws in the rear and heel of the head to allow fitters to dial in the best configuration for each golfer.

Each driver can be further fine-tuned via the adjustable hosel, which can increase or decrease loft and alter lie settings to tune the desired ball flight.

0311 Black Ops, Black Ops-Tour 1

The Black Ops models are new for 2024 and represent the flagship drivers in the PXG driver lineup.

Both drivers feature more carbon fibre in the crown and sole, reducing weight for engineers to utilise within the head. Black Ops drivers also feature a new face material known as Advanced Material Face (AMF) technology.

The upshot of using AMF is faster ball speeds across the face and better spin and launch numbers than the TI412 material used in the 0311 drivers.

Both heads feature weight ports in the toe, heel, and rear of the club head to dial in the optimal centre of gravity with weights ranging from 2.5g up to 20g available, the adjustable hosel to dial in launch, spin, and shot shape characteristics.

The distinction between the two drivers shows that the Black Ops-Tour 1 model is most suited to better players, with its smaller head profile and deeper face than the standard Black Ops head.

Fairway Woods

PXG golf fairway woods follow the pattern set in the driver lineup. Two models are available: the 0311 Gen 6 and the 0311 Black Ops.

0311 Gen 6

The 0311 Gen 6 has a standard and the PXG 0311 Gen 6 XF model, with the latter having a bigger footprint behind the ball to make it more friendly for higher-handicap golfers.

The head is steel, constructed with a fast-responsive material called HT1770 to improve the spring-like effect off the face, giving higher ball speeds. A carbon fibre crown reduces weight, helping to increase clubhead speed and allowing the engineers to improve internal weighting.

The standard 0311 fairway wood has three weight ports in the heel, toe, and back of the sole, whereas the more friendly 0311 XF fairway has two weights in the rear of the head. Along with adjustable hosels, the 0311 Gen 6 fairway woods are designed to be dialled according to each golfer’s requirements.

Both PXG fairway wood models also feature small rails on the sole to aid turf interaction.

0311 Black Ops

The big story for the Black Ops range is a thinner steel face that is 12% lighter than its predecessors, increasing ball speed across the face. PXG’s custom weighting options are available within the sole of each fairway wood, along with adjustable hosel technology to dial in launch and spin characteristics.


Following closely behind the fairway wood models comes the hybrid options, which borrow on the same technologies. PXG golf hybrids fall into two camps, the 0311 and 0311 Black Ops.

0311, 0311XF

Within the PXG 0311 golf hybrid range, you have the standard model plus the more forgiving XF model, whereas the 0311 Black Ops comes in one model.

The 0311 and the larger 0311 XF models incorporate small rails on the sole to help turf interaction from both fairway and rough. The 0311 hybrids feature the same carbon fibre crown, AM355 steel construction in the head, and precision weighting internally to help the club’s centre of gravity and improve acoustics.

Both golf hybrids also feature adjustable hosels and weight ports on the sole to improve launch, spin, and ball flight characteristics.

0311 Black Ops

The Black Ops hybrid benefits from the thinner face to increase ball speed. Three weight ports are positioned in the sole of the hybrid, and a range of weights from 2.5g up to 20g is available, along with an adjustable hosel.

PXG Irons

PXG offers a range of golf irons, and we’ll first examine the 0317 CB, T, and ST models.

The CB is forged from soft 8620 carbon steel with a precision-milled face and back, as in the T and ST models. It also features a central weight in the back of the head to represent the exact centre of gravity. The weight can be tailored to each player’s requirements.

The T model features the same forged steel but a hollow body and multi-material construction. The face is ultra-thin steel with a polymer insert filling the hollow. A tungsten weight is placed towards the heel, helping improve MOI.

The ST is the smallest head out of the three models and is the pure forged blade model with a precision tungsten weight in the back to dial in ideal launch and spin numbers.

The PXG 0317 golf irons, in general, are designed for better golfers with faster swing speeds who are looking for maximum control from their irons and shot-shaping capabilities. The irons are available in chrome and a dark “Xtreme” finish created through a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating.

0311 Gen 6 P/XP

Both the PXG 0311 golf irons could fall into the “player’s performance” category, but both are packed with technology that would help a wide range of golfers.

Both heads are hollow bodies, multi-material constructions sharing the following PXG technologies:

  • Forged body - forged from soft but durable 8620 carbon steel
  • Variable ultra-thin face - HT1770 maraging steel that is only 0.050 inches thick
  • XCOR2 - PXG’s proprietary polymer is ultra-lightweight, allowing weight to be moved lower into the head.
  • Power Channel Technology - U-shaped design on the back of the face that helps energy transfer and launch angle

The nature of these golf irons is to deliver faster ball speeds across the face while maintaining a high level of feel and playability.

Where the P model might be considered a “player’s performance” iron, it will fit a wider range of golfers. The XP model takes the same formula and offers a slightly bigger head profile down at the ball. Both irons are available in chrome, Xtreme dark finish, and double chrome.


PXG golf wedges, or, to give them their proper title, PXG Sugar Daddy II, combine the best of what PXG can create.

Forged from soft, 8620 carbon steel and CNC milling to create precision wedges with ultimate feel.

The Sugar Daddy II golf wedges all have the same precision weight technology in the centre of the head and high toe weighting to improve consistency in the face delivery at impact. All weights can be altered to suit the player’s profile.

Stopping power comes from the full face groove pattern helping to generate consistent levels of spin regardless of the strike location.

Two grinds are available on the Sugar Daddy II, a C-grind and BP-grind. The C-grind is more suited to firmer turf conditions, while the BP-grind offers more bounce and is better suited to softer conditions or sand.


PXG golf putters come in various designs, from traditional blades to high-MOI style heads.

The technologies within the putter lineup include:

  • S COR technology - soft polymer placed within the hollow cavity of each putter head regardless of head design
  • Thin face technology - following the irons, PXG claims the face thickness to be the thinnest of any putter at 0.055 inches.
  • Updated face pattern - PXG’s pyramid face design is more aggressively milled to improve roll while maintaining the soft feel of an insert putter with the solidity of a milled putter.
  • Precision weighting - weight can be dialled in to create high MOI for a consistent putting stroke and contact.

Considering PXG Clubs? Consider Custom Fitting

All PXG golf clubs, from driver to putter, are designed to be custom-engineered for each golfer’s requirements.

If you are looking to invest in new golf clubs and are interested in the PXG lineup, we’d strongly recommend you come in and experience how a custom fitting session will give you the correct recommendation for what will work best for your game.

With each PXG club, you can dial in the weight correctly to improve launch and spin rates. The adjustable shafts of the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids allow you to alter the loft and lie angle to get the correct shot shape and trajectory.

Being custom-fitted for your clubs eliminates the guessing game of what might work best for you and gives you exactly what you need. Custom fitting also allows for the correct golf shaft to be matched to your golf clubs, which can also increase distance and improve shot dispersion.

To experience the 2024 PXG range, book a custom fitting session at Nine by Nine Golf, and let our experienced fitters help you find the right golf clubs for your game.

You can also see the PXG lineup and extensive customisable options on our website, where you can order what you need if you know what you are looking for. If you have any questions about PXG or custom fitting, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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