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Unveiling The TaylorMade Qi10 Range: A Revolution in Golf Equipment

Everybody notices when TaylorMade launches new golf equipment. There’s a good reason for this: TaylorMade has long been at the forefront of innovative design to help golfers of all levels...

Everybody notices when TaylorMade launches new golf equipment. There’s a good reason for this: TaylorMade has long been at the forefront of innovative design to help golfers of all levels play better.

Their back catalogue is littered with some of the best-performing golf drivers that have been produced, and they have pushed the boundaries of design with models like the R7 Quad, which was the first driver to feature moveable weights to dial in shot shape and trajectory.

But TaylorMade shouldn’t be seen as just a driver company; their original V-Steel fairway woods are fondly remembered, and the concept was updated with the launch of the SIM range.

The Tiger Woods-inspired forged irons have us all dreaming of having some of his sublime talents rub off on us if we could get a hand on one of the sets that bear his initials.

But the wheels of progress continually move at TaylorMade, and for 2024, they have changed pace again with the launch of the new Qi10 series of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and Qi irons.

Join us as we uncover the latest technologies and design philosophies TaylorMade are showcasing in the new 2024 lineup, where we focus on:

  • Qi10 - The Reason Behind The Name
  • Qi10 Drivers
  • Qi10 Fairway Woods
  • Qi10 Hybrids/Rescues
  • Qi Irons

Qi 10 - The Reason Behind The Name

TaylorMade releases have never been lacking in the power department, their golf clubs are always at the longest end of any spectrum of tests carried out against their contemporaries.

But what makes the new TaylorMade Qi10 family so interesting is the focus towards increased forgiveness through improved Moment of Inertia (MOI).

If we start by looking at the driver, TaylorMade has been working on improving the driver’s MOI, which indicates how much a driver's head will twist open or closed from an off-centre hit.

TaylorMade uses the example of a shot hit out of the Qi10 driver's toe area to demonstrate the effect of MOI best. Using high-speed cameras to record what happens when a golfer hits a Stealth 2 driver out of the toe makes it clearly visible how much the head twists open at impact, which will result in a loss of accuracy and overall distance.

This, TaylorMade will argue, shows that however good the Stealth 2 was, its MOI wasn’t great on off-centre hits.

To make an objective comparison, manufacturers will employ a standard formula for measuring MOI. Without turning this into a science lesson, the main thing you need to know is that the magic figure manufacturers are aiming for is 10,000 g/cm2.

This number presents what is considered to be the most stable rating for a golf driver head, offering the least resistance to twisting on off-centre hits and allowing the golfer to hit more accurate shots.

TaylorMade are saying that they are on a quest to reach the inertia figure of 10,000 g/cm2. This quest is represented in the 2024 lineup’s name, TaylorMade Qi10 - Quest for Intertia of 10,000 g/cm2. Now we understand some of the tech, let’s get into the exciting part and take a closer look at the TaylorMade Qi10 lineup, starting with the Qi10 drivers.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Golf Clubs

Qi10 Drivers

The first thing you will notice in the TaylorMade Qi10 range is the colour. Gone is the black crown and red carbon face, replaced by a blue face and a gloss black crown with a simple white line on the leading edge to help you line up the head correctly.

For the new Qi10 series of drivers, TaylorMade has launched the third generation of the 60-layer carbon face first introduced in the Stealth drivers in 2022. The message remains the same around the benefits of employing carbon in the face, which is lighter and stronger than titanium, creating faster ball speeds off the face.

A major change witnessed in the Qi10 driver lineup is the new Infinity Crown, which removes the thin sliver of titanium at the edge of the crown. TaylorMade states that 97% of the crown is now carbon, giving a much cleaner and seamless blend of the carbon of the crown running into the carbon of the face.

With such extensive use of carbon, TaylorMade has reclaimed a lot of weight, which it redistributes internally in the heel and toe area, and a large external 32-gram weight in the rear of the head to help increase MOI.

Increased accuracy on off-centre hits is further helped by TaylorMade’s tried and tested Twist-Face technology. TaylorMade still employs Inverted Cone Technology and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to help improve ball speed off the club face.

TaylorMade Qi10 Golf Driver Family

There are three drivers in the Qi10 lineup:

  • Qi10 LS
  • Qi10
  • Qi10 Max

Qi 10 LS

The LS (Low Spin) model will be suited to the better player who generates high club head speed. The Qi10 LS has the smallest footprint out of the three driver heads and features a newly designed weight track positioned in the sole close to the face.

The interesting observation with the new weight port is how it appears to be placed more within the LS head, similar to the weight port design in the Stealth 2 Plus fairway wood. The Qi10 LS golf driver is not designed to hit the 10,000 MOI number, which again is more reflective of the type of golfer this driver is aimed at.


Sitting in the middle of the TaylorMade Qi10 lineup, this golf driver is likely to be popular with most golfers, even professionals, most noticeably Rory McIlroy, who switched out of his Qi10 LS driver for the Qi10 driver.

The Qi10’s 32-gram back weight is positioned slightly towards the toe, with an additional weight placed near the heel of the sole, which helps up the Qi10’s MOI to 8,500.

Qi10 Max

The Qi10 Max driver is the only driver in the lineup that reaches the magical 10,000 number for maximum stability. Along with what we have already discussed, TaylorMade has designed the head shape to be the maximum permissible under USGA rules, creating a large footprint down at the ball.

The Qi10 Max model replaces the previous High Draw seen in the Stealth 2, and the external weighting of the Max model would also indicate that it could benefit golfers who regularly fight a slice off the tee.

Qi10 Fairway Woods

The new Qi10 Golf Fairway Wood lineup complements the drivers by offering three different models and sharing some of the technologies.

While TaylorMade hasn’t yet introduced carbon faces to its fairway woods, carbon is still extensively used, with the new Infinity Crown forming a sleek design from the crown into the face, as seen in the drivers.

While high MOI isn’t the headline story on the golf fairway woods, the use of carbon allows the saved weight to be repositioned internally in a similar fashion to the drivers.

The Qi10 Fairway Woods also features TaylorMade’s tried and tested technologies in the form of Twist Face, Thru Slot Speed Pocket and V-Steel sole that improves turf interaction.

TaylorMade Qi10 Golf Fairway Woods

Three models are available in the fairway wood range:

  • Qi10 Tour
  • Qi10 Fairway
  • Qi10 Max

Qi10 Tour

Think of this model as the LS variant in the driver lineup. Aimed at the better ball striker, the Qi10 Tour features a slightly smaller footprint behind the ball than the other models.

The Qi10 Tour is also the most adjustable of the three heads, featuring a 50-gram weight track in the rear of the sole. Moving the weight towards the face will knock the spin down, making this 3-wood a low-spin bomber. Move the weight to the rear of the track, and you have a more friendly, higher-launching three wood.

The Qi10 Tour fairway wood is the only fairway wood to feature the option to adjust the loft within the hosel to tailor the club to your requirements further.

Qi10 Fairway

The Qi10 Fairway Wood could be the model that ends up in most golfer’s bags. Featuring a slightly bigger head than the Tour model at 190cc, the Qi10 Fairway Wood has a more friendly look at address. While not having an adjustable neck for loft like the tour model, the Qi10 Fairway Wood can still be customised through the correct shaft fitting.

Qi10 Max

The Qi10 Max Fairway Wood has the biggest footprint out of the three fairway wood models, coming at 200cc and with a stretched back, lowering the centre of gravity further to help get the ball airborne.

The face of the Qi10 Max is also the most shallow to further help golfers who struggle to get a consistent flight from the tee and off the ground with their fairway woods. TaylorMade has stated that the Qi10 Max model has the highest MOI of any fairway wood they have created previously.

Qi10 Hybrids/Rescues

Complimenting the fairway woods, the new Qi10 Rescue lineup follows a similar pattern in the tech story to the fairway woods with Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and V-Steel sole design incorporated into the sole.

TaylorMade has increased the use of carbon in the crown, helping to reduce overall weight and giving TaylorMade the option to use the saved weight strategically within the head.

TaylorMade Qi10 Golf Rescues

Three models are available:

  • Qi10 Tour Rescue
  • Qi10 Rescue
  • Qi10 Max Rescue

Qi10 Tour Rescue

Aimed at the better player, the Qi10 Tour Rescue has a smaller head with a deeper face. The Tour Rescue is the only hybrid model with an adjustable hosel to tailor the loft precisely as required.

Qi10 Rescue

The Qi10 Rescue has a slightly bigger head profile and a shallower face will make this hybrid popular for many golfers.

Qi10 Max Rescue

The Qi10 Max is the friendliest model of the three hybrids with the largest head profile and shallowest face, this could be a popular model for higher handicap golfers looking for the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness.

Qi Irons

TaylorMade Qi Golf Irons

Notice something different here?

Yes, the name. This is TaylorMade’s new iron for 2024, and yes, they are launched at the same time as the Qi10 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids, but TaylorMade is championing a different tech story in the Qi irons.

The story starts with TaylorMade’s research into where golfers tend to miss their iron shots and that, most commonly, golfers tend to leak their iron shots to the right, especially in the longer irons

Diving deeper into TaylorMade’s research, they’ve noticed that as manufacturers increase the flex response in an iron’s face to increase ball speeds, there are discrepancies between the rate of flex from the toe to the heel.

TaylorMade’s answer to this problem can be found in what they call the Integrated Design System. The Integrated Design System regulates the flex of the face from toe to heel, with the longer irons having more mass concentrated towards the toe of the club, which will lessen as you move to the shorter irons.

Each golf iron also has its centre of gravity optimised, so the longer irons feature a lower, deeper centre of gravity to help get the ball airborne, while the shorter irons’ centre of gravity will sit slightly higher in the blade.

Two technologies carried over and improved on for the Qi irons are the Cap Back and Toe Wrap designs.

Cap Back features a polymer insert in what would normally be the cavity. Polymer is eight times lighter than steel, creating a bigger trampoline effect to increase ball speeds for improved distance when connected to the face.

The polymer wrap is extended further into the toe (Toe Wrap), and by doing this, TaylorMade states it saves an additional ten grams of weight that can be distributed back into the iron.

The Qi irons come in the standard Qi iron and the Qi HL.

The Qi HL variant stands for Higher and Lighter by taking further weight out of the head and employing lighter shafts and grips to help those golfers who don’t generate a lot of club head speed. Combination options are available where you might want to use HL longer irons and phasing into the standard Qi shorter irons.

TaylorMade Qi Series Custom-Fitted at Nine by Nine Golf

If you are interested in any of the new Qi10 drivers, Qi10 fairway woods, Qi10 hybrids, or the new Qi irons, the best way to optimise their performance is to be custom-fitted.

This is where Nine by Nine Golf is the place to come. Not only do we stock the 2024 Qi10 lineup, but we have also updated our fitting studio to enhance the experience of being custom-fitted for your next set of clubs.

Take the opportunity to book yourself in for a fitting session and see how the new TaylorMade Qi10 range can benefit your game.

You can also browse the TaylorMade Qi10 range on the Nine by Nine Golf website, with plenty of options to customise shaft, grip, length and lie options to suit your game.

Nine by Nine Golf Custom-Fittings

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