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Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series White Golf Wood Shaft


Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series White

The TENSEI™ AV Series White is the perfect progression from the groundbreaking TENSEI™ AV RAW White. This impressive club features Xlink Tech™ Resin for unparalleled power and resilience, plus Aluminum Vapor in the handle section for maximum stability and energy transfer. With a strengthened tip, the TENSEI™ AV Series White provides a lower, more accurate trajectory with minimal spin.


Shaft Flex Weight (G) But OD (In) Torque (Deg) Kick PT
TENSEI™ AV Series White 65 S 68 0.598 3.5 High
TENSEI™ AV Series White 65 X 69 0.602 3.4 High
TENSEI™ AV Series White 75 S 78 0.610 3.2 High
TENSEI™ AV Series White 75 X 79 0.612 3.1 High
TENSEI™ AV Series White 85 S 88 0.616 3.1 High
TENSEI™ AV Series White 85 X 89 0.618 3 High
Shaft: 65
Flex: S

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Shaft: 65
Flex: S

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What happens if I can’t select the combination of head, shaft & grip I want?

Email us on or call 020 3995 5638 we would be more than happy to discuss and prepare a custom quote.

I am purchasing from outside of the UK, what happens with TAX / Customs duty?

All orders show and charge TAX / Duties at checkout so there will be no additional payment required to the courier. Goods will be delivered duties paid (DDP)

Do you offer advice prior to purchase if I am unsure which product to choose?

We understand and recommend trying / having a fitting prior to any purchase but should this not be possible our team will be more than happy to help you through any purchase. Either via email or on the phone.

I paid for Express shipping on a custom order, why hasn't it shipped next day? 

Express shipping is the fastest possible shipping service, unfortunately it is not a way of getting your custom order built faster.

What if I can’t find an option I want on a drop-down menu?

If you can’t find a grip or shaft that you would like to order then please do reach out to us or place an order and leave a note on the order. One of our team will be happy to help you through the process. 

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