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Fujikura Announces New Tour-Driven Ventus Shaft

Powered by new VeloCore Technology that reduces twist and maximises ball speed. Fujikura, the leader in performance golf shafts, is proud to launch its newest in a long line of...

Powered by new VeloCore Technology that reduces twist and maximises ball speed.

Fujikura, the leader in performance golf shafts, is proud to launch its newest in a long line of Tour inspired performance golf shafts, Ventus. Designed with cutting edge, premium materials, Ventus will significantly tighten shot dispersion and maximise ball speed especially on off centre shots. Ventus is the first shaft to include Fujikura’s all new VeloCore Technology, developed to boost the club head’s performance through maximum energy transfer combined with an accelerated taper design that enhances loading and feel.

“As swing speeds have increased on Tour over the last few years, the Tour player is seeking tighter dispersion to hit more fairways,” said John Hovis, Tour Operations & Technical Services Manager. “We challenged our engineers to develop a stable, low spinning, stiff tip shaft to improve control and ball speeds and the result was Ventus.”

Ventus builds on the latest in material knowledge, the most recent research data of Fujikura’s in house engineering team, and feedback from Tour Pros seeking tighter dispersion. Ventus has an entirely new and proprietary multi-material bias core construction that delivers ultimate stability through transition and impact called VeloCore. The multi-material core is comprised of ultra-high modulus Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber (about 150% stronger and more stable than T1100g) and 40 Ton bias layers that are the full length of the shaft for incredible stability. Ventus is powered VeloCore Technology which promotes consistent sweet spot strikes and provides ultimate stability, tightening dispersion and increasing control. The result is a shaft that maximises the MOI (moment of inertia) and ball speed off your club head through the reduction of twist during the swing and at impact, especially on off centre hits.

In addition to VeloCore Technology, Ventus is engineered with an ultra-stiff tip section – to reduce twist and lower spin – and an accelerated taper butt section maximises energy transfer through the swing – enhancing feel and shaft loading. The result is an extremely stable mid-launching and low-spinning performance shaft designed to empower your driver or fairway wood.

“What we discovered during our enso® testing is the combination of the new VeloCore Technology and the stiff tip profile promoted better horizontal and vertical impact therefore increasing overall efficiency,” said Marshall Thompson, Technical Services. “Center face contact is the most important part of the fitting process which allows tight dispersion and ball speed to rise. On off centre hits the club face didn’t twist nearly as much which helped retain ball speed and effectively increases the club’s forgiveness. Due to the minimised twist, Ventus flew further and straighter than the competitor shafts tested, which is what every golfer is seeking. We’re confident we have a profile that will perform at a high level on Tour as well as at our Charter Dealers in consumer fittings.”

Ventus is available in a wide variety of weights in flexes ranging from 57 grams to 86 grams and R2 up to X flex.

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