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Getting properly fitted for your golf clubs improves your game

At GolfTech UK not only do we offer a variety of the latest and greatest available from top manufacturers we give you every opportunity to customise your choice for the...

At GolfTech UK not only do we offer a variety of the latest and greatest available from top manufacturers we give you every opportunity to customise your choice for the benefit of your game.

One area that golfers maybe sometimes don’t give enough attention to is the benefit of being fitted for the correct shaft.

The shaft is sometimes referred to as “the engine of the golf club” because it loads and unloads the power of the golf club when you swing it.

Getting the right shaft can:

  • Help add distance
  • Maximise contact with the ball
  • Aid shot dispersion

We have over 140 customisable shafts available to choose from for driver, fairway wood/hybrid and irons so we don’t just opt for manufacturers’ “fitted as standard” option.

Golfers will ask us about a shaft they’ve seen a tour player using and if there is an option for them to use the same type of shaft but it all comes down to the individual fitting process.

So let’s look at 8 shafts that are currently GolfTech UK’s “top of the pops”

  1. Fujikura Ventus TR Blue

Fujikura has been making high-quality shafts for decades and the Ventus range carries on that tradition.

Currently, 5 of the top 10 golfers in the world use some form of Ventus shaft in their drivers so it's certainly a shaft that the best in the business trust.

At the heart of the Ventus range of shafts is what Fujikura calls VeloCore technology.

VeloCore is a multi-material construction featuring different densities of carbon fibre woven together to provide fantastic feel and stability.

Fujikura believes that with the VeloCore-powered Ventus shafts golfers are also more likely to find the centre of the club face more often increasing ball speed and spin consistency.

The TR Blue shaft fits right in the middle of the Ventus shaft lineup offering mid-launch and low-spin conditions.

An additional benefit we see with the Ventus TR Blue is the variety of weight options - 50 grams - 80 grams meaning we can dial in the ideal weight configuration based on the golfer’s club head speed.

The TR option has been added recently to the Ventus lineup and offers greater rigidity towards the grip end of the shaft to aid a smooth transition into the downswing.

2 Fujikura Ventus Black

Still featuring VeloCore technology, the Ventus Black is aimed at the faster swingers but offers them the same stability to maintain shot dispersion whilst adding club head speed for more distance.

3 Graphite Design Tour AD DI

This is a shaft that has been around for a number of years but still offers fantastic performance and has had plenty of success on tour.

The AD DI (Added Distance Deep Impact) shaft comes in a distinctive orange colour scheme and features an interesting profile of high launch and low spin.

Graphite Design created what it refers to as “DI Technology” using high-quality Toray NANOALLOY carbon fibre in the AD DI’s design giving it a very stable feel towards the tip end of the shaft.

The AD DI also benefits from Graphite Design’s Material Stiffness Integration - MSI Technology.

MSI marries different fibre types with resin which can absorb vibrations created at impact giving the AD DI its exceptional feel.

We have a range of the AD DI shafts available for drivers through fairway woods and hybrids.

The shaft weighting choices are interesting as they err on the heavier side - their lightest option available is 54 grams but can go as far as 97 grams for the real power players.

If you are not a fan of the orange colour scheme don’t worry, it also comes in a more sober black colour.

4 Mitsubishi Diamana GT

Mitsubishi is another Japanese powerhouse that has a long history of producing fantastic golf shafts.

This is no more epitomised than in their Diamana GT which we have incorporated into a lot of successful fittings.

In its fifth-generation guise, the Diamana GT brings Mitsubishi’s latest technology to the fore.

Xlink Tech is a new process where Mitsubishi has reduced the resin content of the shaft which it says improves the feel without compromising its overall strength.

Mitsubishi has also strived to ensure that regardless of weight or spin characteristics, there is an overall consistent feel across the range - Constant Feel Design.

The Diamana GT is one-third of the fifth generation of the Diamana lineup offering marginally higher spin profiles than the Diamana PD shaft but lower launch conditions compared to the Diamana TB shaft.

The Diamana GT is available from 46 grams to 86 grams.

5 Fujikura Vista Pro

Another stalwart from the Fujikura stable.

Vista Pro was updated in 2021 borrowing some of the advances made by the Ventus line of shafts.

With an improved multi-material core offering more stability and feel in the shaft the latest iteration of Vista Pro is a strong proposition.

From a fitter’s perspective, we have different weight characteristics - shafts range in weight from 48 grams up to 75 grams and different launch and spin profiles meaning there will be a Vista Pro shaft available for all golfers.

6 Mitsubishi Diamana PD

One of the three Diamana shafts in the current fifth generation of this highly popular shaft.

The Diamana PD shares the same technology as already written about for the GT shaft but offers different playing characteristics.

Aimed at a lower launch with a low to mid-spin profile, the stiff-tipped Diamana PD will suit players looking for a lower ball flight.

As with the GT, we like the choice of weights available meaning we can easily find a shaft that would suit all levels of golfers.

7 Mitsubishi C6

The Mitsubishi C6 range we have available comes in three variations - the Onyx, Red and Blue.

The profiles for these shafts are:

  • Onyx - mid-launch/low spin
  • Blue - mid-launch/mid spin
  • Red - high launch/mid-high spin

These shafts feature Mitsubishi’s TiNi - Titanium Nickel technology which helps keep the structural integrity of the shaft giving a more consistent return to impact.

The Red and Blue shafts will also make your driver more distinctive with the shaft colouring and cosmetics!

We can also match the correct weight of shaft in the C6 range to your characteristics giving you the optimal head and shaft combination for your game.

8 BGT Brava

The BGT (Breakthrough Golf Technology) Brava shaft may not be as familiar a name as some of the others on the list but its promises of performance are certainly worth noting.

BGT states that the Brava is designed to deliver maximum ball speed and improved smash factors through its design and materials used in construction.

Featuring premium Toray carbon fibre which is 10x stronger than steel and considerably lighter offers a highly stable lightweight shaft.

The maximum weight of the Brava shaft is 56 grams which makes it a lighter option than some of the other shafts on the list for faster swingers.

But BGT believes there is still more than enough in the performance of this shaft that will offer golfers with higher swing speeds optimal launch and spin profiles.

It will be interesting to see how this shaft develops going forward.

Getting fitted for the correct shaft can aid distance, accuracy and shot dispersion.

The key to unlocking these benefits is booking an appointment with us for a fitting session.

We can analyse your current setup and then make recommendations about alternatives that will work for your game from our available range.

We also make it convenient to order from our range of customised shafts available online allowing you to choose something other than the manufacturer-supplied shaft which not many companies will offer you.

If you have any questions about the types of shafts available or booking a fitting session please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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