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Srixon Drivers: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Game

What do we think about when we hear the name Srixon? Well, for most of us, it will be Srixon irons. Over the years, Srixon irons have gained a strong...

What do we think about when we hear the name Srixon?

Well, for most of us, it will be Srixon irons.

Over the years, Srixon irons have gained a strong reputation and following for their quality and feel, which is consistent across all lines, from their blades right through to equipment for higher handicap golfers.

Another positive for Srixon is its price point.

Srixon irons have always been competitively priced compared to other irons on the market, and we see the same when it comes to the drivers as well.

Interestingly, Srixon don’t make the most noise in the marketplace, which means golfers are sometimes less aware of their range.

Nevertheless, Srixon consistently produces good clubs that offer high levels of performance for the lowest and highest handicappers.

But Srixon isn’t just an iron manufacturer.

Their offerings in the driver category have been refined and improved over the years to get to where we are today with their latest offering - the ZX Mark 2 family of drivers.

For long enough tour players like Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry who have been Srixon staffers for a number of years would happily play their irons but would use different manufacturer’s drivers.

But this isn’t the case now.

Matsuyama, Lowry and Brooks Koepka who signed for Srixon at the start of 2022 are happy to use Srixon ZX Mark 2 drivers now indicating clearly that these drivers perform to the highest of standards.

Srixon club

What’s available?

There are three models available in the ZX Mark 2 lineup for 2023

  • ZX 5
  • ZX 5 LS
  • ZX 7

The first thing to note is the ZX 5 LS which is completely new for 2023.

The ZX 5 LS model comes into existence based on feedback received from Srixon tour players who wanted a true low-spin model in the range with weight positioned forward in the head to promote low-spin bombs.

But the LS model isn’t too scary that it couldn’t benefit golfers of slightly more moderate club head speed so you could almost argue that the LS sits in the middle of the range.

The ZX 5 is the friendliest model which has a weight port positioned deep in the back of the head to promote high stability and forgiveness.

The ZX 7 was the model aimed at better ball strikers who want the option to shape shots off the tee and features two interchangeable weight ports to help achieve a desired ball flight and alter the centre of gravity.

Although still a 460cc head, the ZX 7 has a slightly more compact look at the address position.

So what do we get with the ZX Mark 2 drivers?

The first thing to note with the range is that the heads are all titanium.

For years this wouldn’t come as a surprise to any golfer but with the growing trend for carbon either being used in conjunction with titanium or complete carbon a full titanium head is becoming more rare.

What that also means is that the noise from these drivers is very predictable to what we have grown accustomed to with titanium heads.

What’s also noticeable is that the heads are very business-like but sleek in their appearance.

The colours are muted which will appeal to a lot of golfers who may think that different coloured faces or heads are more about marketing than any functional benefit.

The ZX Mark 2 drivers are packed full of technology to offer more distance and stability throughout the range with all three models featuring the following.

Srixon clubs

Rebound frame

All drivers feature some sort of a trampoline effect from the face which is managed by the governing bodies of the sport but most manufacturers will push this as much as they can.

Srixon’s answer is not to have one flex zone in the face but a second “rebound frame” that sits internally not far from the face to increase this effect further.

Not only will this maximise ball speed from centre strikes the second frame also promotes higher ball speeds on off-centre hits.

Variable face thickness

Adding to the driver’s performance, variable face thickness means Srixon’s engineers can move mass more effectively around the face which will also benefit off-centre hits adding to the driver’s overall consistency in distance and accuracy.

Star frame crown

A new internal lattice work design provides structural rigidity in the ZX Mark 2 heads allowing Srixon to use the thinnest titanium in the crown.

This in turn leads to a more effective distribution of weight around the head depending on the playing characteristics of each driver head.

Hosel sleeve adjustability

With each model, the ball flight and spin characteristics can be further tailored through the hosel sleeve configurator.

Up to 1 degree of loft can be added or removed plus the lie angle can also be adjusted to assist in altering the ball flight.

We’re happy to share that all three drivers in the ZX Mark 2 range are available at GolfTech UK and can be completely customised to every golfer’s requirements via our custom shaft options which are available via our website or if you come in for a fitting.

Srixon clubs

In conclusion, Srixon is more than just an iron brand.

The fact that Srixon’s highest-profile stars Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry and Brooks Koepka are happy to add the ZX Mark 2 drivers to their bags shows that Srixon is making headway with their drivers.

If you are in the market for a new driver this year it’s well worth taking the time to consider the Srixon offerings as they will not disappoint.

With the updated Mark 2 versions of the ZX5 and ZX7 drivers plus the addition of the ZX 5 LS model, you have serious performance at a great price.

If you would like to know more about the custom shafts that we have available for the ZX5 and ZX7 drivers or would like to arrange a fitting session to explore their performance please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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