XXIO 12 Golf Irons


XXIO 12 Golf Irons

Experience the incredible speed and accuracy of the XXIO 12 Irons, designed with ultramodern flex technologies and exotic materials for maximum performance. Hit longer and more precise shots without altering your swing tempo. Feel the difference for yourself.

Swing Light

Experience the incredible distance and effortless swing offered by the innovative XXIO 12 Irons. With advanced technology, you'll achieve powerful and precise shots that can't be matched. Discover the difference with XXIO.

More Distance, More Spin

Experience effortless power and pure precision with XXIO 12 Golf Irons. These highly advanced irons boast ultra-lightweight design, unparalleled softness, and cutting-edge ball speed technologies, allowing for longer shots and increased spin without having to change your natural swing.

Boosted Ball Speed

Unlock the full potential of your swing with our ultra-thin Titanium Iron Faces, designed to flex more than ever. The secondary Rebound Frame in the sole, coupled with the Iron's sturdy body, further enhances ball speed for unmatched performance.

Progressive Center of Gravity

Revolutionary changing facial thickness and a precisely positioned tungsten-nickel weight in the toe maximize speed, stability, and launch for each loft. Lower Center of Gravity in Long Irons increases distance, while a higher placement in Short Irons. enhances precision.

Rebound Frame

Experience a fully-flexible face with XXIO 12 Golf Irons, as the grooves etched deep into the Iron body amplify flex and improve shots struck low.

Titanium Iron Faces

Experience increased flexibility and maximum ball speed with the High Strength Super-TIX®-51AF Titanium faceplate, only 2.1mm thick.

High-Density Tungsten-Nickel Weight

Featuring a high-density tungsten-nickel weight in the toe, the XXIO 12 Golf Irons offer a greatly increased Moment of Inertia for improved stability and impact.

Optimised Center of Gravity By Loft

Maximise speed and launch for each Iron loft with progressive variable face thickness. Designed for maximum carry, the Long Irons boast a lower Center of Gravity for increased ball speed upon impact. The Short Irons prioritize control, featuring a higher Center of Gravity for improved high-low MOI.

Loft Specific Grooves

Experience the power of control with XXIO 12 Golf Irons. With increased loft and deep, closely placed grooves, these irons provide enhanced spin and stopping power on approach shots.


Head Loft Lie Bounce
Face Progression Club Length
5 22° 61.5 ° 1 ° 0.5mm 38.25"
6 25 ° 62 ° 1 ° 1.0mm 37.75 "
7 28 ° 62.5 ° 2 ° 1.0mm 37.25 "
8 32 ° 63 ° 3 ° 1.0mm 36.75 "
9 37 ° 63° 4 ° 1.5mm 36.25 "
PW 42 ° 63.5° 5 ° 3.0mm 35.75 "
AW 48 ° 63.5 ° 6 ° 4.5mm 35.75 "
SW 56 ° 63.5° 12 ° 5.0mm 35.75"

Product information


What happens if I can’t select the combination of head, shaft & grip I want?

Email us on hi@ninebyninegolf.com or call 020 3995 5638 we would be more than happy to discuss and prepare a custom quote.

I am purchasing from outside of the UK, what happens with TAX / Customs duty?

All orders show and charge TAX / Duties at checkout so there will be no additional payment required to the courier. Goods will be delivered duties paid (DDP)

Do you offer advice prior to purchase if I am unsure which product to choose?

We understand and recommend trying / having a fitting prior to any purchase but should this not be possible our team will be more than happy to help you through any purchase. Either via email or on the phone.

I paid for Express shipping, why hasn't it shipped next day? 

Express shipping is the fastest possible shipping service, unfortunately it is not a way of getting your custom order built faster.

What if I can’t find an option I want on a drop-down menu?

If you can’t find a grip or shaft that you would like to order then please do reach out to us or place an order and leave a note on the order. One of our team will be happy to help you through the process. 

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