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Will England’s Oldest Golf Club Fall Into The Sea?

Reports suggest that the Royal North Devon Golf Club could soon disappear, falling into the sea thanks to coastal erosion.

You might want to make your way to the Royal North Devon Golf Club quick smart and in a hurry over the next few months if you’ve enjoyed putting your True Temper iron shafts through their paces on the course before - as it’s possible that it could soon disappear, falling into the sea thanks to coastal erosion.

According to Devon Live, the course - which dates back to 1864 - is right on the coastline near Westward Ho!, but coastal erosion between the seventh green and seawater flooding to the eighth green has meant that eventually both will be lost.

Last year also saw Storm Eleanor rip up 49ft of land, while 20ft of sand dune was washed away in 2018 as well. The general manager of the club, Mark Evans, welcomed the news that plans have now been approved by Torridge District Council Planners to protect the site.

“This is a help to the golf club and we are delighted with the outcome. It is disappointing that after 150 years of the same layout on the course we have to make changes, but the new holes will be equally as exciting and challenging to play,” he said.

A recent report from the Committee on Climate Change found that coastal management in England is needed urgently because of the predicted impact that climate change will have. The study stated that sea levels around the country will likely rise by one metre or more in the future because of climate change - and this could happen as early as 2100.

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