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Let's talk about Titleist

Titleist is one of the biggest names in golf and has been for decades. But what makes Titleist an interesting company is that they have positioned themselves as a brand...

Titleist is one of the biggest names in golf and has been for decades.

But what makes Titleist an interesting company is that they have positioned themselves as a brand that caters more to the elite level of golfer.

For years they have worked with the best on tour and top amateurs in the game taking their feedback and incorporating that into making some of the best-performing clubs on the market.

We’ll look at some of the clubs in the current and a few of their older offerings shortly but what notable wins and players have Titleist had over the years?

Titleist on tour

Titleist had a stellar year in 2022, three of the four men’s major winners used a Titleist driver and two of those major winners are full Titleist staff players - Justin Thomas and Cameron Smith.

Jordan Speith has won three of the four majors available as a Titleist staffer whilst Will Zalatoris and Cameron Young form part of an exciting young crop of tour players that are also current Titleist players.

If we look slightly further back Titleist also had a certain Tiger Woods in their stable winning his first six majors whilst using Titleist equipment.

In 2022 a set of his irons was sold at auction for just over $5 million - what made these irons special other than the fact they belonged to Tiger? They were the set of irons used to win his “Tiger Slam” between 2000 and 2001.

Rory McIlroy burst onto the professional scene whilst under contract to Titleist and won two of his four majors as a Titleist staff player.

You could also add players like Adam Scott and Phil Mickelson as previous Titleist staff players who also achieved major success with a full set of Titleist clubs in the bag.

So we can see that when it comes to the professional game, Titleist has had huge success in major championships with some of the game’s best players.

But it’s not just the superstars of the game that have benefited from using Titleist.

Titleist has also supported the top echelons of the amateur game and club professionals with options to be fitted for and use their equipment which has helped a lot of players experience the quality of what Titleist have to offer.

Titleist golf clubs

Performance clubs for performance players

When we look at Titleist’s irons line-up over the years it's fair to say they have offered some of the finest, classic-looking blades in the market.

Blades are traditionally better suited to players who hit the ball consistently well and are looking for maximum workability to shape shots.

In that respect, Titleist has produced a long line of high-performance forged muscle-back blades that players have been loyal to.

Along with their blades, Titleist has also run a “CB” - cavity back, line for a number of years.

This line of iron again being aimed at the better player with a small face profile and forged finish similar to the blade but with a degree of forgiveness in the form of a small cavity cut in the back of the head.

Titleist replaced their popular AP range of irons with the T range in 2021 with the T100 quickly finding its way into a lot of tour players’ bags.

The T100 features a brush chrome finish, thin top line and minimal offset which is generally preferred by tour players. It also saw tungsten being used to help add feel and forgiveness adding a level of playability.

Each update that Titleist brings out is the result of constant consultation with their staff players about how the irons perform and what could be improved.

Titleist also has the T300 and T400 irons which offer high-performance looks but more forgiveness best suited to higher handicap golfers.

Come and speak to us about the Titleist range of irons. We stock the current blade and CB model - the 620s plus the T series irons up to the T300 with custom options available.

Titleist golf club


Titleist has made massive inroads into the highly competitive driver market since launching its TS (Tour Speed reflecting that Titleist had made their fastest-ever drivers) range in 2018.

The current range - the TSR series continues the theme set from the original releases with greater emphasis placed on the head’s aerodynamics.

The use of Titleist claim as “rare alloys” used by the likes of NASA shows Titleist’s ambitions to be at the forefront of player-orientated drivers

When we look into Titleist’s back catalogue we see drivers that have been aimed at the better player.

In the early to mid-2000s when manufacturers were increasing the size of their drivers to the maximum 460cc Titleist bucked the trend and with their 983 and 905 range, the maximum head size was 400cc.

Titleist’s drivers also featured internal weighting that was lower in the head and closer to the face pushing the centre of gravity up to produce lower spinning and lower launching drives.

These drivers also featured Titleist’s classic “pear-shape” aiding the higher centre of gravity plus the choice of shallow or a deeper face - the deeper-faced options also helped facilitate lower-flighted shots.

The “pear-shaped” design can still be seen in the current TRS3 model.

The TSR range has four driver head options with the TSR1 particularly aimed at the average amateurs with TSR 2 offering high levels of stability with performance. TSR3 is the most widely used of the Titleist driver range on the professional tours whilst the TSR4 is the extremely low-spin bombers option.

We currently have the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 models in stock with manufacturer or custom shaft options available.

Golf club hitting titleist ball

Fairway woods & hybrids

Titleist has applied similar principles from the driver development to the TSR fairway wood line.

Classic shapes, deeper or thinner faces and a variety of lofts and lies controlled by the Sure-Fit system allow these clubs to be tailored exactly to the player’s needs

The TSR hybrids also have the adjustability of loft and lie with a smaller profile head compared to other hybrids on the market.

We have a choice of Titleist TSR fairway wood and TSR hybrids available that can be customised further to your requirements with a range of additional shafts for you to choose.

Club artisans within the Titleist family

It’s also worth mentioning Bob Vokey wedges and Scotty Cameron putters also fall under the Titleist family.

These are clubs which are designed by two master craftsmen to the highest of standards and like Titleist clubs are trusted by the very best in the world to perform consistently well.

Titleist can demonstrate successfully that they have produced equipment over the years that have been trusted and used by some of the very best players in the game.

Their engagement with these players in the research and development of their products produces golf clubs that when custom-fitted perform to the highest of standards in any given metric.

Titleist has never hidden away from the perception their clubs are designed for the best in the game but they now marry up this side of their business with clubs which any mid to high handicapper can thrive on using.

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