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Explore the New Nine by Nine Golf Custom-Fitting Studio and the Benefits of Custom Fittings

We all strive to get better at golf. Whether you just want to hit the golf ball straight and a reasonable distance or you are an elite amateur or professional...

We all strive to get better at golf.

Whether you just want to hit the golf ball straight and a reasonable distance or you are an elite amateur or professional trying to unlock the key to continued tournament success, we are all connected by the desire to improve. How we succeed comes down to honing our technique; for that, we rely on the services of a qualified professional to help us.

But in recent years, the number of golfers relying on having their golf clubs custom-fitted for their game and seeing their scores improve has grown exponentially. At Nine by Nine Golf, our doors are open to all levels of golfers. We have built our custom-fitting business over a number of years to educate and fit golfers into the best custom golf clubs we know will make a positive impact.

But at Nine by Nine Golf we don't rest on our laurels, and we are constantly working on how we can make the custom-fitting experience even better for anybody who comes to visit us, which forms the background of this week’s blog content.

So, come and join us as we share with you:

  • What’s It Like Inside Our Fitting Studio
  • Why Custom-Fitting Will Benefit Your Game
  • Getting The Most Out of Your Fitting Session

Nine by Nine Golf Custom-Fitting Studio

What’s It Like Inside Our Fitting Studio

When you come to Nine by Nine Golf, you are met with friendly staff who will guide you to our custom-fitting studio where you will meet one of our highly experienced fitters. Our studio is kitted out with the broadest array of golf club heads and golf shafts, all waiting to be tried during the custom-fitting session.

We can change heads and shafts quickly during the session through our all-fit adapter, which cuts down on the time it takes to build a sample club, giving you more time to hit shots. You will also be hitting premium golf balls off a high-quality matt into a screen projecting high-definition graphics generated by the launch monitor.

Nine by Nine Golf Shaft Wall

An exciting update in our fitting-studio at the start of this year is the introduction of the new GC Quad launch monitor from Foresight Golf. The GC Quad system works so well from a fitting standpoint because it captures the moment of impact perfectly using its highly advanced camera system. Four cameras are built into the launch monitor and can take 200 pictures from different perspectives of impact between the clubhead and ball alone. This is truly amazing, considering the impact between the clubface and golf ball lasts between 400 and 600 microseconds.

Custom Golf Club Fittings | Nine by Nine Golf

This gives us the most accurate information on how the clubface is delivered into the ball at impact, which is vital to providing an accurate fitting. GC Quad take’s our custom-fitting experience to a new level, but if you are still debating whether custom-fitting is right for you, let’s talk about some of the significant benefits you’ll get from fitted clubs.

Custom-Fitting Golf Studio

Why Custom-Fitting Will Benefit Your Game

The concept of being custom-fitted for your golf clubs has been around for a while. Still, for some golfers, the perception is that they aren’t good enough players to benefit from custom-fitted clubs and that custom-fitting is only beneficial for the best players in the world who understand their game and requirements better.

The reality is that being custom-fitted for golf clubs is relevant for every level of golfer, regardless of handicap or how seriously you take the game. So, if you are toying with the idea of taking the plunge and want to book a custom-fitting session, what can you expect, and what benefits can you gain?

We can isolate three major benefits you can get from a custom-fitting session, which can be broken down to:

  • More Distance
  • Improved Shot Dispersion
  • Improved Gapping

Nine by Nine Golf

More Distance

There aren’t many golfers out there who wouldn’t want to hit the ball further especially in the longer clubs so, for example, finding a golf driver that could give us an extra 10-15 yards average has got to be advantageous.

If you are booked in for a custom-fitting session with the objective of getting a new golf driver, we’ll get you hitting some shots to warm up with before progressing to hitting shots with your existing driver to record some base data on GC Quad. We’ll talk to you about your misses on the course and see how that stacks up against what we see from the shots you hit in the custom-fitting studio. Because of the accuracy of GC Quad, the picture we build up of how you're hitting your golf driver will give some ideas of where we could see improvement.

Once we have a good data set, we’ll share the findings with you, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Getting more distance from a club like the golf driver comes down to getting the proper launch and spin numbers based on how you deliver the clubhead at impact and your clubhead speed.

If you don’t generate a lot of clubhead speed and struggle to find the sweet spot consistently, we can look at driver heads with more loft and with higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), such as the TaylorMade Qi10 Max, Callaway Paradaym AI Smoke Max or Titleist TSR2.

For golfers with faster clubhead speeds, distance could be lost by creating too much spin, so opting for a driver with low-spin characteristics like the new Cobra Darkspeed LS might be a viable option.

If you want to change your golf irons and are looking for more distance, there are some great options out there featuring multi-material or hollow body constructions, such as the Titleist T200s or the new TaylorMade Qi or Callaway Paradym AI-Smoke irons.

But gaining distance doesn’t come from just choosing the right head. Adding the right golf shaft is also vital to gaining more distance. Using the golf driver as an example again, if you have a slower swing, a lighter shaft with medium to high launch characteristics, such as a Mitsubishi Vanquish shaft, could help.

Go to the other end of the spectrum, and golfers with fast swings can get more out of shafts with low launch and heavier weight, which can be seen in models like the Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black series. Adding length is one part of the equation, but increased distance won’t help you score better if your accuracy is poor, so, during a fitting session, we will also look to see if we can tighten up your shot dispersion.

Custom-Fittings at Nine by Nine Golf

Shot Dispersion

We sometimes think of shot dispersion as how far we might miss our intended target to the left or right, but there is another element to shot dispersion, which is equally important: front-to-back dispersion.

Let’s say you are looking for a new set of golf irons, and we get you hitting your 7-iron for some base figures. On one shot, you absolutely flush your 7-iron, and the ball travels 165 yards, but on the next shot, you catch it in the toe, and the ball only goes 140 yards; these two shots would give a 25-yard shot dispersion back to front.

To put that into context, if you were faced with a 165-yard approach shot on the course, if you catch your 7-iron shot well, you’ll cover the distance easily, but if you don’t hit the shot well, your approach will end up short of the green and could end up in a bunker or worse costing you shots.

In a custom-fitting session, we’ll show you what your shot dispersion pattern looks like with your existing clubs. Shot dispersion on the data display from GC Quad is represented by a circle covering all the shots you’ve hit. The bigger the circle encompassing your shots, the less accurate your shots are right to left and front to back.

Going through a custom-fitting process, we can look to tighten shot dispersion by:

  • Shaft selection - getting the correct weight and length
  • Correct lie angle
  • Correct lofts

When it comes to golf drivers with moveable weight options, we can set the correct position to help straighten out shots. For Example, if you slice the ball, setting heavier weights in the heel of the club will allow the toe to close faster, squaring the clubface at impact.

Improved Distance Gapping

You’re faced with a 220-yard approach shot. Your 3-wood goes 240 yards, and your first hybrid goes 210 yards. What club do you opt to hit?

While this is a hypothetical scenario, many golfers will find themselves in a dilemma like this without a suitable club to use. Getting distance gapping correct at the top end of the bag like this is vitally important, especially if you play courses where you are faced with many long approach shots. If this is a problem you want to tackle in a fitting session, we can accurately map out how far you hit each existing golf club and then see where the distance gaps lie.

Once we know the gaps we need to cover, we can look at either lofted fairway woods, hybrids or driving irons to suit your game and cover those gaps effectively.

The same happens at the bottom end of the bag in the wedges; your pitching wedge from your existing set of irons might go 120 yards, but your next wedge only travels 95 yards. If faced with a 105-yard approach shot out on the course, this compromises your club selection.

In summary, a significant benefit of custom-fitting is that we tailor the session to exactly what you need. We can focus on a driver fitting or building a new wedge setup that ensures you are covered for all distances you need your wedges to fly. No two fitting sessions are the same, and you will see on our website that you can easily select the type of session you want to book.

Nine by Nine Golf

Getting The Most Out of Your Fitting Session

As stated, custom-fitting is relevant for every golfer. At Nine by Nine Golf, we’ve helped as many high-handicap golfers as we have elite amateurs and professionals. We’ve given you some insight into what happens during a custom-fitting session, but is there anything else you should be aware of that will help you get the most out of your session?

If you can play before your custom-fitting session is scheduled, pay closer attention to the types of shots you hit with your existing club/clubs that you are looking to upgrade during your session.

For example, if you are booked in for a golf driver fitting when you next play, take note of things like:

  • How many fairways do you hit?
  • When you miss a fairway, do you miss by much, or are you really wide?
  • Do your misses tend to be more to the right or left?

You may already use some form of technology that captures your stats, which will be helpful to share with the fitter so they can understand your needs before you start hitting shots. As golfers, it's not just our playing abilities that are unique to us; we all come in different shapes and sizes and have different physical characteristics, which means that our golf equipment needs to match these requirements.

Buying golf clubs off the shelf at our favourite retailer doesn’t guarantee an improvement in our game because those clubs aren’t specifically tailored to our needs. Only custom-fitted clubs will ensure this.

At Nine by Nine Golf, we are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built up through the professionalism and knowledge of our fitters and the build quality and delivery of clubs to our customers.

We always strive to ensure you get the most valuable experience when you visit us for a fitting. Bringing new technology like GC Quad enhances the detail and insight we can give you during your fitting session. The data GC Quad provides also helps you understand more about your own golf game and enables you to make the right decisions on what club/clubs will work best for you.

Go onto the Nine by Nine Golf, find out what custom-fitting options we have available, and make a booking. You can also look at all the golf clubs and custom shaft options we have available in the studio on our website.

If you have any further questions about the custom-fitting process, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Nine by Nine Golf Fitting Studio

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