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The Ultimate Guide to the PXG Black Ops Range

PXG golf hit the golf market with a bang when it launched its first products in 2015. The company’s founder, Bob Parsons, set the bar for PXG to the highest...

PXG golf hit the golf market with a bang when it launched its first products in 2015. The company’s founder, Bob Parsons, set the bar for PXG to the highest level and was ready to bloody the noses of elite manufacturers such as TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist.

The first set of irons released by PXG - the 0311 Gen 1 irons, raised eyebrows by coming in at $350 per club, taking them far beyond the price point of established leaders in the golf iron market like Mizuno and putting PXG in the same ballpark as high-end Japanese specialists like Miura.

The move was bold, but the first generation of the 0311 irons performed and got favourable reviews from the mainstream. The key to unlocking the 0311’s performance was custom-fitting. If you look in the second market for PXG golf irons, you’ll rarely see the same shaft combinations from set to set. The distinctive weighting ports placed around the sole and toe of the back of each iron could also be individually tailored to the player’s requirements through the fitting process.

Since its initial launch in 2015, PXG’s empire has expanded to drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and putters, not to mention a distinctive clothing line. PXG has created a unique position in the market by creating outlet stores where you can do everything from custom-fitting for their clubs to buying a PXG golf glove.

At the start of 2024, PXG launched its Black Ops range of drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid as part of the PXG 0311 family. If you’re curious about the PXG Black Ops range, we’ll help you understand more by sharing with you:

  • What’s Available - The Full Black Ops Range Uncovered
  • The Technology Stories Powering the Black Ops Range
  • Industry Reviews of the Black Ops Series
  • Maximising the Performance of Black Ops - Custom Fitting

What’s Available - The Full Black Ops Range Uncovered

The 2024 PXG Black Ops range is the seventh generation of the PXG 0311 lineup. As you would expect, each club is crammed full of PXG’s top-of-the-range technology and engineering in the following new releases:

  • PXG 0311 Black Ops Drivers
  • PXG 0311 Fairway Woods
  • PXG 0311 Hybrids

PXG 0311 Black Ops Drivers

Black Ops might sound like a term more associated with Call of Duty. Still, Black Ops is a real thing employed by the military and secret services. Black Ops tend to be the most secretive and stealth-like missions.

There’s undoubtedly a significant element of stealthiness in the sleek gloss black finish across the driver heads, broken only by white accents running from the heel to toe at the rear of the crown and the PXG logo alignment aid.

PXG offers two models with distinctive playing characteristics - the 0311 Black Ops and the 0311 Black Ops Tour-1.

The 0311 Black Ops golf driver will suit a variety of golfers, from low to high handicap players. At address, the head profile is big, with the crown stretched as far back as the legal limits allow and a longer face from heel to toe, inspiring confidence.

The 0311 Black Ops Tour-1 golf driver has been designed directly from feedback given by PXG’s tour staff. This driver has a much more aggressive profile at address due to its smaller head, deeper face, shorter heel-to-toe face profile, and more curve to its crown.

The 0311 Black Ops Tour-1 makes no pretence that its lower launch and low spin characteristics are aimed squarely at golfers who generate high clubhead speeds and prefer the more penetrating ball flight offered by the 0311 Black Ops Tour-1.

Both drivers are available in 8,9 and 10.5 degrees, with a 12.5-degree loft available in the 0311 Black Ops standard driver.

PXG Blacks Ops Golf Driver

PXG 0311 Black Ops Fairway Woods

PXG has launched the new 0311 Black Ops fairway woods, complementing the golf driver lineup. The Black Ops fairway woods are available in 3-wood to 7-wood and feature the same sleek black stealth look as the drivers.

PXG has engineered the 0311 Black Ops fairways to be extremely easy to use since its research indicates that most golfers hit their fairway woods and hybrids more over the course of a round of golf than their drivers.

To that extent, PXG has engineered a squarer, low-profile face with mid-launch characteristics, giving a consistent trajectory whether you are hitting the Black Ops fairways off the tee or deck. The PXG Black Ops fairway woods also feature a flat sole to aid aerodynamic efficiency and turf interaction, increasing their playability further.

PXG might be doing themselves a disservice by having only one 3-wood option compared to its competitors who offer different 3-wood models for different playing characteristics, as seen in the new TaylorMade Qi10, Callaway Paradym AI Smoke, and Cobra Darkspeed range.

PXG Black Ops Golf Fairway Wood

PXG 0311 Hybrids

Following a similar philosophy to the Black Ops fairway woods, ease of use is the primary driver for the new PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrids.

The new golf hybrid features the same square face as seen in the fairway woods, focusing on getting the ball airborne quickly with a lowered centre of gravity pushed as far away from the face as possible.

PXG Black Ops Golf Hybrid

The Technology Stories Powering the Black Ops Range

Now that we have familiarised ourselves with the PXG 0311 Black Ops range, let’s take a closer look at the underlying technology that PXG is employing to make the Black Ops perform strongly.

We’ll start by looking at what’s powering the drivers concentrating on:

  • Carbon Fibre Crown and Sole
  • AMF Technology
  • Non-Conforming Bulge and Role
  • Precision Weight Technology
  • Sound and Feel

Carbon Fibre Crown and Sole

PXG have adopted a high-strength carbon fibre composite material across the crown and sole. Using carbon fibre helps reduce overall weight, which the PXG engineers can strategically reposition within the head.

The high-compression moulded carbon fibre used in the crown and the sole also means that PXG has been able to bring the thickness of the walls down to 0.030 inches, saving further weight for the engineers to re-distribute internally in the head.

This repositioning of weight is important in the standard 0311 Black Ops head as coupled with the external weight ports, the all-important 10,000 Moment of Inertia figure is achieved, putting the 0311 Black Ops firmly in the sights of TaylorMade’s Qi10 Max driver.

AMF Technology

AMF or Advanced Material Face technology is a new titanium alloy that showed significant performance improvements when tested against the titanium used in previous generations of PXG golf drivers.

PXG found, on average, that the new titanium alloy could launch the ball 0.5 degrees higher but with 200 RPM less spin, making the new PXG Black Ops drivers the longest-hitting to date.

Non-conforming Bulge and Roll

PXG golf has spent considerable time optimising the face’s horizontal and vertical curvature to enhance performance on off-centre hits. The idea behind PXG’s design is to ensure consistent spin and ball speed numbers across the face and eliminate the tendency for shots struck low in the face to have more spin imparted, whereas shots struck high on the face have less spin.

The work done on the horizontal and vertical bulge of the face is supported by PXG employing variable face thickness to further maintain consistent ball speeds and spin rates on less-than-perfect strikes.

Precision Weight Technology

Both driver models feature three weight ports positioned in the heel, toe, and rear of the sole, allowing for various combinations to produce the desired ball flights and spin numbers.

The standard weights fitted are 12.5 grams and two, 2.5 grams, but PXG also offers 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 17.5, and 20-gram weights to further customise the trajectory and spin on the drivers.

Putting the heavier weights in the back of the standard 0311 Black Ops will push the head’s MOI above the magical threshold of 10,000, making for a highly stable and forgiving head.

Sound and Feel

It’s obvious that distance and accuracy in a golf driver are paramount for any golfer. Still, we can also be influenced by how the club sounds and feels at impact. PXG has paid close attention to these two factors by fine-tuning the natural vibrations in the head when it makes contact with the golf ball.

PXG has also ensured that the sound and feel are consistent regardless of whether you opt for the standard Black Ops driver or the Black Ops Tour-1 driver.

Fairway Woods and Hybrid

Both the Black Ops fairway woods and PXG Black Ops hybrid benefit from using carbon fibre in the crown and sole, reducing the centre of gravity and helping to get the ball launched higher at impact.

The saved weight from using carbon fibre is also pushed out to the parameters of the Black Ops fairway woods and Black Ops hybrid to create more forgiveness on off-centre hits.

To maximise ball speeds at impact, PXG has employed a new lightweight steel, which has reduced the thickness of the face by 12% in the fairway woods and 10.5% in the hybrid, creating more flex at impact.

Tailoring in the desired trajectory and spin is made easy by PXG’s interchangeable weight system with three weight ports positioned on the sole of the fairway woods and hybrid similar to the drivers.

PXG also offers the same variety of weights ranging from 2.5 grams up to 20 grams to ensure flight and spin are perfectly engineered for every level of golfer.

Industry Reviews of the Black Ops Series

When asked for his opinion on the new 0311 Black Ops lineup, PXG’s founder, Bob Parsons, was quoted as saying:

“Black Ops woods are straight like an arrow, more forgiving than a priest on Sunday, and absolutely stunning to boot.”

While Parsons might be slightly biased, the 2024 Black Ops range has achieved the gold standard in the 2024 Golf Digest registry, meaning that the Black Ops drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid are in the top league regarding performance, forgiveness, and aesthetics.

When reviewed, the PXG Black Ops range has also been scoring highly in the golf press, with publications like Bunkered stating that:

“The PXG Black Ops driver looks great, sounds fantastic, and goes high and a long way. It ticks all the boxes.”

Praise also goes the Black Ops fairway wood line with Golf Monthly stating:

“Exceptional distance, forgiveness and versatility making it an ideal fit for golfers of almost all levels.”

PXG Black Ops Golf Family

Maximising the Performance of Black Ops - Custom Fitting

PXG golf clubs are designed for custom-fitting.

At Nine by Nine Golf, we have the experience, technology, and an extensive variety of shafts to make the perfect PXG Black Ops golf clubs for your game.

Using our new GC Quad launch monitor to capture your performance data accurately, we can fit you into the ideal head, weighting set-up, and shaft to help you hit the ball further and with more accuracy.

Get more out of your game by going online and checking out the available custom-fitting sessions you can book at Nine by Nine Golf.

You can also browse the new PXG 0311 Black Ops lineup on Nine by Nine Golf and experience the fully customisable options available to order online.

If you need further information on the PXG Black Ops range or any other manufacturers we have available at Nine by Nine Golf, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nine by Nine Golf

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