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UST Mamiya Golf Shafts 

Founded in the US in 1991, UST Mamiya takes their golf shafts seriously. Each carbon fibre shaft is made to strict, tour-standard tolerances with enhanced performance in distance, accuracy, and feel. UST Mamiya golf shafts are popular with professional and amateur golfers alike, with technology such as their Q-Fiber material created to help reduce the weight of the shafts, increasing swing speed and distance without sacrificing control.

UST Mamiya Q-Fiber Technology

UST Mamiya’s exclusive Q-Fiber technology uses advanced composite materials to provide both strength and flexibility to their golf shafts. It offers a more reliable and efficient energy transfer from the golfer to the clubhead, improving consistency, stability, and distance control. It also makes the golf shafts more durable and able to withstand the stress of repeated swings, maintaining the performance characteristics of the shafts.

UST Mamiya Iron Golf Shafts

UST Mamiya’s Recoil is the number one graphite iron shaft in golf. Designed for golfers seeking a mid-high launch in a lightweight package, the shaft incorporates recoil technology to provide an energy transfer that is 67% more efficient than steel. During a swing, the shaft loads and then unloads, causing it to oval and creating a spring effect which adds extra energy to the shaft. This creates more accuracy, more distance, and a better feel.

UST Mamiya Wood Golf Shafts

UST Mamiya’s wood shafts, such as the LIN-Q Gunmetal, use their Q-Fiber technology to deliver unparalleled energy efficiency for more consistent golf swings. The Gunmetal has a stabilised design in the tip and mid section for straighter and longer drives, and is designed for golfers seeking a mid-low ball flight with a mid-low spin.

UST Mamiya Golf Shaft Custom Fittings at Nine by Nine Golf

At Nine by Nine Golf, we offer a range of golf club fitting consultations to support you in finding a combination that fits you as a golfer. This includes support when you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit but you aren’t sure where to start - we’ve all been there.

Our team at Nine by Nine Golf provides in-depth golf knowledge to guide you through the UST Mamiya product line. Whether you're in search of custom-built drivers, a complete set of custom-built irons, or expert advice on custom fitting, Nine by Nine Golf is here to help you.

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