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Discover Why Opting for In-House Custom Building is so Important

Are you considering getting custom-fitted for your next set of golf clubs? If you are, will you then get custom-fitted golf clubs? That sounds like a bit of a no-brainer....

Are you considering getting custom-fitted for your next set of golf clubs?

If you are, will you then get custom-fitted golf clubs?

That sounds like a bit of a no-brainer. “Of course I’ll get custom-fitted golf clubs, otherwise, what’s the point on being custom-fitted?” might be a logical answer to the questions.

But there is a distinction.

Customised golf clubs are built to an exact specification based on your fitting session to help you improve your golf game. Having your golf clubs built in-house by the same people who carried out the custom-fitting process will ensure your clubs are built to the absolute correct spec based on the results of the custom-fitting analysis.

To help you understand further the benefits of in-house custom-built golf clubs, our article will take you through the following areas:

  • Benefits of In-House Custom-Built Golf Clubs
  • The Benefits For Your Golf Game
Nine by Nine Golf Custom Built Golf Clubs

Benefits of In-House Custom-Built Golf Clubs

More golfers are turning to custom-fitting to improve their golf games. Surveys carried out by Golf Datatech prove this. Surveying serious golfers, golfers who play more than 16 rounds per year for Golf Datatech standards, and golfers across the entire playing spectrum of abilities, 55% of all irons and drivers sold were due to custom fitting.

Depending on where you go for a custom fitting session it can also affect where your custom-built golf club or clubs are ultimately made.

Major retailers can offer a good custom fitting session where you can decide what is best for you based on the fitter’s recommendations.

If you agree with the fitter and want to commit to a purchase, the fitter will likely place the order directly with the manufacturer. The order sheet should contain every last detail about the golf club or golf clubs’ build requirements for that golfer.

The same story goes for some independent fitters. They can provide a comprehensive fitting session, but they also might have to fill out an order sheet to send directly to the respective manufacturers.

This might seem relatively easy, but it does lead to some problems.

The most obvious issue is whether there are any discrepancies in the order sheet that can lead to errors in the build of your golf clubs or golf club. Any discrepancy between what is on the order sheet and what the manufacturer produces will likely be an innocent mistake. Still, the impact on the golf club or golf clubs you receive can be massive regarding how they perform on the course when you get them.

The second issue is the length of time it can take for a manufacturer to build the custom golf clubs. We saw these issues arise after lockdown started to ease at the end of the Covid pandemic, where there was a shortage of materials, meaning the build process took longer than expected, and clubs took longer to be delivered to their new owners.

While this is no longer an issue, if your clubs are being built directly by the manufacturer, you’ll have to consider the length of time it might take since the manufacturer also builds and supplies clubs to a wide variety of outlets.

The fitter can provide you with what they feel is an accurate approximation of when you can likely expect to get your golf clubs. Still, they don’t know what’s happening in the factory when they place the order.

When your custom clubs are built by the same team that conducts your custom fitting session, the entire process is more “joined up.”

There are some critical areas in which having your clubs built in-house can be a real benefit:

  • Better Communication
  • Tour Van Level Equipment
  • Long-Standing Relationships
Nine by Nine Golf Customised Golf Clubs

Better Communication

For starters, the communication process is much clearer. The fitter will have a direct point of communication with the person building your clubs. If there are any question marks around the spec sheet, the builder can discuss this with the fitter to clear up any confusion.

Clear communication also works better for you. Having direct access to the club builders makes managing expectations on build time easier, giving you a much more realistic expectation of when you will receive your clubs.

If there are any problems, it’s also much easier to contact you and let you know what the issue might be and how to move forward.

Good communication is massively important as it helps establish trust, which is crucial for any business to grow and keep customers happy.

Tour Truck Level Equipment

Having your custom golf clubs built in-house uses the same techniques and tools used in tour trucks, ensuring that your new clubs are built to the highest standards.

Building your golf clubs is not just a case of attaching the right shaft to the correct head and putting on a grip. Each club is weighed and has its lie angle checked to ensure it matches the recommendation precisely after the fitting session. We can also check loft settings to ensure equal gaping between golf clubs to ensure there are no major distance discrepancies in your bag.

Within Nine By Nine Golf, not only do we employ the same equipment used on tour trucks to construct equipment for tour professionals, but we also ensure that all the components we stock are stored for easy access and ensure that any grip, shaft, hosel, or head is in pristine condition before being used to build your golf club or clubs.

Nine by Nine Golf

Long-Standing Relationships

One thing we find with any golfer who comes in for a custom-fitting and gets their clubs made by us is that it also presents an opportunity to build a close relationship with them.

We all have a common objective in trying to improve our golf games regardless of handicap, and one of the things we pay attention to is how a golfer develops.

If a player is working on their game for a longer time, the door is always open for that player to come back at any point. We can work with them again to see where their game is compared to when they were previously in for a fitting with us.

These two valuable services are available for any golfer who has had a busy period of playing or is looking to get their clubs ready for the season ahead if they haven’t played much over the winter.

This is another important element and is often seen in the professional ranks as players like to work continuously with technicians and fitters they trust and will be able to assess exactly what is needed in the wake of any changes the player has made to their game.

Custom Built Golf Clubs

The Benefits For Your Golf Game

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of getting your golf clubs custom-built in-house after a custom-fitting session, but let’s add some more substance to this topic.

Investing in new golf clubs is a serious business. Golf equipment is not getting cheaper, and buying the wrong clubs for your game will hamper your ability to improve. Manufacturers blur the lines with each new club launched, promising more performance than the previous model and competitors.

However, golfers are starting to switch to at least being custom-fitted for their next purchase, and the next step in that process is to have their new golf clubs built in-house by the same people who carried out the fitting.

The benefits to your golf game for having your golf clubs built in-house after a fitting manifest themselves in three different ways:

  • Improved distance
  • More accuracy
  • Better club gapping between distances

Regardless of your playing ability, going for a custom-fitting session and having your clubs subsequently built in-house gives you an experience similar to what tour players have week in and week out on tour. Your clubs are built precisely to your requirements and to the highest standards.

Knowing how your golf clubs will perform on the course is worth investing in for any golfer, and knowing that you can return to the fitter at any time if your game changes is a huge advantage.

At Nine By Nine Golf, we take the process of seriously helping golfers of all abilities. We believe the best way for golfers to get the most out of their equipment is to have the ability to custom-build their clubs in-house, which is linked to the fitting process.

We offer the latest equipment from well-known brands such as Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, and TaylorMade to make this successful. We also like to provide a wider variety for golfers, so we carry brands such as Miura, ProtoConcept, and XXIO.

To accommodate every golfer’s abilities, we also stock a wide variety of golf shafts and golf grips to ensure we have premium options available and build any golf club according to each golfer’s requirements identified via the custom fitting process.

If you want further proof of how our proposition of custom fitting and in-house custom-build clubs works, check out the feedback we have received from our customers.

If you want to book a custom fitting session, check out the options on the Nine by Nine Golf website.

If you also want to look at the extensive range of fully customisable clubs available, you can place an order online with us through the Nine by Nine Golf website. Additionally, we provide a comments section, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for within your order that isn’t obvious from the options available, you can let us know what you need.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of custom-fitting or custom-built golf clubs, please contact us. Our experienced staff of golf professionals will be happy to assist you.

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