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Explore the Mizuno Pro Series Golf Irons And Discover Which Model Is Suited To Your Game

Why are people loyal to certain brands? Is it the quality of the products the brand produces, the value for money it offers, or the design and innovation associated with...

Why are people loyal to certain brands?

Is it the quality of the products the brand produces, the value for money it offers, or the design and innovation associated with it?

In golf, one brand stands out when it comes to loyal customers, and part of the reason for that loyalty has been incorporated into its tagline - “Nothing feels like a Mizuno.”

When we think of Mizuno, we immediately think of the stellar range of forged golf irons they have produced, forming the bedrock of that famous tagline. From tour pro to serious amateur to aspiring single-figure handicapper, Mizuno’s forged irons not only offer a feel unmatched by any other manufacturer, but they also deliver workability and performance in equal measure. The golfing world pays attention when Mizuno launches a new series of irons, and late last year Mizuno introduced the updated and fabulous Mizuno Pro Series golf irons.

If you’re currently in the market for a new set of golf irons, there are few better ones on the market, so to help you understand more about the Mizuno Pro Series, we’ll guide you through the following:

  • What’s Available in the Pro Series Range
  • The Technology Story Behind the Pro Series
  • What Pro Series Iron Is Right For Me?
  • Maximising the Pro Series Through Custom Fitting

What’s Available in the Pro Series Range

For many golfers, Mizuno irons have been aimed consistently towards better players. But that’s not strictly true, with Mizuno offering their best technology and grain flow forging process throughout their iron ranges.

The Pro series follows this pattern with three models, which are:

  • Pro 241
  • Pro 243
  • Pro 245

Pro 241

If you are in the market for a no-compromise, small-headed pure blade, you would certainly be considering the Mizuno Pro 241 irons. Mizuno makes no apologies for the fact that this blade is designed for the best ball strikers who want the ability to shape shots at will. At address, the compact head shape is married to a thin top line, which, to many golfers, will make this set an intimidating proposition.

Mizuno Pro 241 Golf Irons

Pro 243

The previous generation Pro 223 model was popular, with many golfers looking for a player cavity iron. The new Mizuno Pro 243 model follows in a similar vein and enters a very strong segment in the iron market with competition from TaylorMade’s P7 MC, Titleist T100 irons and Titleist 150 irons, and Callaway’s Apex CB irons.

One thing to note with the Mizuno Pro 243 irons is that Mizuno has opted for a more aggressive look, shortening the blade length and making the top line thinner, giving it a closer resemblance to the muscle-back bladed Pro 241 model.

Mizuno Pro 243 Golf Irons

Pro 245

The Mizuno Pro 245 irons joins the increasingly competitive player’s performance iron, where models like PXG’s Gen 6 0311 P irons , Titleist T200, and TaylorMade P790s are already situated.

Mizuno combines its skill and knowledge of forging steel with cutting-edge technology to create an iron that has classic Mizuno features down at the ball and the performance that will help higher-handicap golfers get the most out of their iron game.

Mizuno Pro 245 Golf Irons

The Technology Story Behind the Pro Series

Looking at the Pro 241 first, we see a blade forged in the classic Mizuno fashion.

Mizuno’s process for creating its forged blades is unique. To start with, Mizuno has built its forged irons in the same factory in Hiroshima since 1968. The heads are formed from a 10-inch billet of soft carbon steel, which is heated and then stamped into shape using the force of a 1000-ton hammer four times by only the most experienced operators.

You will see on the hosels of each Mizuno Pro Series irons “Grain Flow Forged,” which helps Mizuno irons feel the way they do. When Mizuno forges its irons, it works with the grain in the carbon steel, keeping it consistent throughout the iron head and eliminating any inconsistencies in the build process.

In the Pro 241, we see the same forging process outlined above, with the engineers concentrating as much mass as they can directly behind the hitting area.

Mizuno Pro Series Golf Irons

Pro 243

The big technology story behind the Mizuno's Pro 243 irons are Mizuno’s use of thinner steel (4120 chromoly steel) in the faces of the 4-iron down to the 7-iron. This thinner face, along with improved micro slots in the cavity, creates a bigger spring-like effect at impact, resulting in faster ball speeds from these irons.

Mizuno reverts to its traditional 1025E carbon steel from the 8-iron down, where feel and playability are more important in scoring clubs.

The Pro 243 also has a new sole design, which, on the surface, makes the sole seem a little narrower than on the previous 223 model. This visual effect is caused by Mizuno’s new wrap-around sole grind, which introduces a little more bounce to improve turf interaction.

Pro 245

The Mizuno Pro 245 golf irons are Mizuno’s technical tour de force.

From 2-iron to 8-iron, Mizuno employs grain-flow-forged 4135 Chromoly steel in the face and neck. Using this steel in the face helps to create a spring-like effect similar to what we see on the Pro 243 irons to increase ball speeds and help keep overall head weight down.

A 46-gram tungsten weight is strategically positioned low behind the face to help create higher launching shots. A 431 stainless steel section laser-welded to the back of the head holds it in place.

From 9-iron down, Mizuno reverts to their 1025E carbon steel with a smaller, 17-4 stainless steel section laser-welded behind the hitting area to create a lower ball flight.

Following the Pro 243, Mizuno has also incorporated its new wrap-around sole grind to aid better turf interaction.

What Pro Series Iron Is Right For Me?

On paper, this looks simple enough. The Pro 241 is that beautiful-looking blade we would all love to hit, and a set of these golf irons would look really cool in our golf bags. But, with its small head profile and thin top line, the Pro 241 fits into that rarified category of golfer who doesn’t need assistance with ball striking but is focused on shot-shaping and feedback from their golf irons.

The Pro 243 will also end up in the bags of professionals and elite amateurs who will also appreciate the compact look of these irons at address. But we have discovered that there is more to these irons than meets the eye, meaning single-digit handicap golfers could play the Pro 243.

The Pro 245 will appeal to a wider variety of golfers. Their multi-material construction means they pack a powerful punch wrapped up in a classic Mizuno head profile.

We can see the massive potential to build a set of combo irons with the Mizuno Pro series.

The head profiles at address and the lofting in each Mizuno Pro Series iron don’t vary too drastically. We wouldn’t anticipate managing significant distance gaps as you transition from one type of iron to another.

We could easily see a golfer fitted with the 245s in the longer irons blending into the 243s, with the option of adding 241s in the short irons. How do we get into a situation where we could recommend a set makeup like this for a golfer? The answer is simple: custom-fitting.

Maximising the Pro Series Through Custom Fitting

Custom-Fitted Golf Clubs Nine by Nine Golf

If you are interested in any of the new Mizuno Pro Series golf irons, exploring the custom-fitting option will ensure that your golf clubs are tailored to your requirements.

At Nine by Nine Golf, we have an extensive range of steel shafts from True Temper, KBS, and Project X. If you are interested in graphite shafts, we can offer you golf shafts from Mitsubishi Chemical, Fujikura, and UST Mamiya.

Getting the right shaft weight and flex can add distance and achieve a better trajectory with your iron shots.

Fitting the correct golf shaft marries any distance gains with improving shot dispersion, which is particularly important for your golf irons for the variety of length of approach shots you face in a round of golf.

We can establish the correct lie angle for your Mizuno golf irons during a custom-fitting session. Having the proper lie angle can also improve accuracy in your iron game. A golf iron that sits too flat will encourage shots to leak out to the right, while irons that are too upright will see shots leak left of the target.

Before you come in for a custom-fitting session with Nine by Nine Golf, note what your regular miss is and check your divots for further evidence. A divot deeper in the heel will indicate that your irons are too flat. If your divot is deeper in the toe, your irons are too upright.

You should never compromise your setup to work with an iron that isn’t the right lie for you. Being custom-fitted for your golf irons will guarantee you get the correct lie angle.

Mizuno’s reputation for building some of the best-feeling forged golf irons in golf continues with the Mizuno Pro Series irons.

Blending from a pure muscle-back blade in the Pro 241 to power performance in the Pro 245 irons, Mizuno has demonstrated its ability to carry on the traditions that have shaped its iron production for decades and more modern multi-material construction.

If you’re in the market for a new set of golf irons, we recommend looking at what Mizuno offers. If you want to try the Mizuno Pro Series irons, visit our the Nine by Nine Golf website and organise a custom-fitting session specifically for irons.

If you haven’t tried Mizuno irons before, you can test their claim that “Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno.” If you are a loyal Mizuno fan, you may be looking for an update on your current set of irons and maybe try the idea of blending different models to form your ultimate set.

While you’re on the Nine by Nine Golf website, you can check out all the custom golf shafts available for Mizuno golf irons and their drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and putters, which are also available at Nine by Nine Golf.

If you have any other questions about custom-fitting or the Mizuno Pro Series irons, please contact us; we’d be happy to help.

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