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Exploring the Titleist TSR Series

Titleist made a big statement about its ambition to be included in the premier league of high-performance drivers when it launched its TS (Titleist Speed) series in 2018. Success on...

Titleist made a big statement about its ambition to be included in the premier league of high-performance drivers when it launched its TS (Titleist Speed) series in 2018.

Success on tour and models that would appeal to all levels of the amateur game led to great success for the initial TS range.

This continued with the updated TSI series launched in 2020 which added developments in technology and aerodynamics.

In 2022 Titleist was ready to unveil the TSI’s successor - the TSR series.

The TSR series got off to a flying start as the new TSR 3 driver featured in the bags of the winner and the runner-up at the 2022 Open Championship.

The TSR’s launch continued Titleist’s meteoric rise in breaking the dominance of Callaway and TaylorMade as the most-played drivers on tour.

Over 80 PGA Tour professionals had put a TSR driver in their bag by the time they were publicly launched in September 2022.

As you would expect, Titleist staff players naturally play the TSR range.

However, the number of free-agent players who opted for TSR models against strong competition offered by other manufacturers’ products best demonstrates the performance of the Titleist clubs.

So, we know about the tour success but what does the TSR range offer amateurs?

Titleist driver

There are 3 elements that make the TSR range worthy of testing if you’re in the market to make changes to the top end of your bag:

  • A TSR driver for every profile of golfer
  • Cutting-edge technology in a sleek design
  • Fairway Woods to back up the drivers

A TSR driver for every profile of golfer

Titleist has 4 models in the TSR driver line-up all offering something slightly different.


This driver is optimised for those golfers who don’t generate a lot of club head speed and tend not to be too consistent with their ball striking.

Titleist has also stripped out as much weight as it can by fitting a lightweight shaft and grip to help generate more speed.


The TSR 2 continues the success of TS2 and TSI 2 in being the stalwart choice for most amateurs for its stability and performance.

Stability with a low centre of gravity is still core to the TSR 2 but the weight is pushed slightly further forward in the head to aid ball speed.

The footprint of the TSR 2 is also slightly changed from previous generations in that it doesn’t feature as stretched a look at the back of the head.

The TSR 2 is still likely to be the “go-to” club in fittings for most amateurs although some tour pros have opted for this driver over the TSR 3 based on the looks and numbers they were seeing in testing.


The TSR 3 is the “tour-focused” model in the range.

The TSR 3 follows the tradition of a classic “pear-shaped” driver head which can trace its DNA through previous generations of Titleist drivers.

This model is favoured at the elite level because of its deeper face profile and the centre of gravity moved closer to the face to offer a lower-spinning ball flight which appeals to better players.

The TSR 3’s centre of gravity can also be altered via the SureFit adjustable CG tracking port at the back of the club placing weight to either the heel or the toe of the club depending on where the player’s strike pattern fits.


The TSR 4 sits at the most extreme end of the range with an even deeper face than the TSR 3 and a smaller head at 430 CC to aid shot shaping off the tee.

The TSR 4 features two interchangeable weight ports at the back and in the middle of the head to further alter the centre of gravity to the player’s liking.

Titleist has engineered this driver to fit golfers with the fastest of swing speeds looking for the ultimate in low-spinning bombs!

Titleist TSR driver

Cutting-edge technology in a sleek design

Where Titleist score highly with professionals and amateurs alike is in the clean profiles featured in the TSR series.

But Titleist has packed a lot of technology into these clubs which adds performance to the looks.

Key technologies in the TSR range are:

Multi-Plateau/Variable Face Thickness (VFT) and speed ring technology

Helping golfers with off-centre hits, VFT technology features in the TSR 2 and TSR 4 heads.

Titleist build the face inward layer by layer to optimise consistency on strikes across the face meaning no major drop-offs in ball speed regardless of the location of the strike.

The TSR 3 head features a “speed-ring” with conical variable face thickness to dial in the sweet spot and works in conjunction with the SureFit adjustable CG track

Titleist drivers

Updated aerodynamics

Titleist has gone back to the wind tunnel to improve the aerodynamic flow over the heads of the TSR range to increase club head speed and stability.

An improved address profile in the toe area of the TSR 2 has added to its appeal to tour pros.

SureFit adjustable CG track system

Found in the back of the TSR 3 driver, the SureFit adjustable CG track system allows the fitter to dial in the optimal position of the centre of gravity to maximise ball speed.

SureFit Hosel

The SureFit hosel system has been featured in Titleist drivers for over 10 years now and helps dial in loft and flight characteristics to add an extra level of tailoring to the golfer’s requirements.

Aerospace-Grade Titanium

First introduced in the TSI range, Titleist is using NASA aerospace-grade titanium which offers strength without any weight penalties

Fairway Woods to back up the drivers

Of course, the Titleist TSR series isn’t just drivers.

TSR fairways and hybrids are available offering the key technologies displayed in the drivers.

The ability to offer any level of golfer a desired spin and trajectory allows these clubs to be dialled in and offer the same high levels of performance seen in the drivers.

Adding TSR fairway woods or hybrids to a TSR driver offers consistency at the top end of the bag that can feed from the driver down to your iron set

With the TSR range, Titleist is continuing to assert itself as a dominant player in the driver and fairway wood market.

The blend of top-level technology combined in some of the sleekest and best-looking clubs is something Titleist excels at.

Titleist TSR driver

We stock a wide selection of the Titleist TSR range of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

The TSR series is open to one of the widest selections of custom-fit shafts to suit different player profiles.

This makes custom-fitting all the more important to maximise the potential this range offers golfers.

Contact us to arrange a custom fitting for the Titleist TSR range or look at the extensive custom options available on our website.

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