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Getting The Most Out Of Your Driver with Adam Boyd-Brown

You've splashed out on a shiny off-the-rack golf driver from your Pro shop, convinced it's the key to tee shots that sail so far past your playing partners they’re tapping...

You've splashed out on a shiny off-the-rack golf driver from your Pro shop, convinced it's the key to tee shots that sail so far past your playing partners they’re tapping the face wondering if it’s legal.

But by the 14th hole, you're gasping for breath, struggling to muster a swing that barely registers a swish of air.

Golf courses are stretching further than ever to defend against the ‘elite’, this is in contrast to the swing speeds of the average amateur which haven’t changed.

Nine by Nine Golf Custom Fitting Studio

Since 2016, I've helped golfers looking to match their physical prowess with the sophistication of modern golf equipment.

As a personal trainer, I've seen hundreds of golfers, just like you, transform their game…

…and if we're shelling out big bucks on our set, we best be sure we're getting every ounce of value from it.

Golf, at its core, is a sport of repetitive strain.

The swing, a dynamic, torque-laden movement, puts a ton of stress on our spines.

Nine by Nine Golf Custom Fitting

This is where custom-fitted golf clubs come into their own.

They align to YOU, reducing the risk of those niggles that come from spending too long in a posture unsuited to your frame.

A recent client of mine David was struggling with golf irons that were too long, they were causing him to stand far too upright.

He noticed he was suffering with crippling back pain after a range session.

A custom fitting session not only changed his game, but also reduced the pain by allowing him a more natural setup position.

Combine that with the strength training we started doing and he was back swinging like a junior again.

Custom Fitting at Nine by Nine Golf

Golf fitness was once an afterthought, something players sought post-injury…

This led to a focus on stretching and mobility, with golfers spending their time on banded exercises and swiss balls, while strength and power were often sidelined.

In the last 10 years the tides have turned. Science now champions the need for golfers to be not just flexible, but explosive, strong, and resilient.

Here's where the magic happens: the synergy between custom-fitted golf clubs and a more athletic body.

It's like a compounding investment. Your custom golf clubs are the Ferrari, and your body the skilled driver who knows exactly how to push it to its limits.

If you're ready to level up your game through a better approach to your exercise and your swing…I've got something special for you.

A completely FREE Video Series that I call The Distance Blueprint, designed specifically for golfers like you.

It’s created to help golfers new to strength training gain a better understanding about how to exercise to improve their game and also how more speed and power is created in the golf swing.

Curious? Register for the Video Series HERE.

And if you have any burning questions, feel free to reach out at, find me on Instagram @builtbybrownpt, or connect on LinkedIn.

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