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Fourteen Golf Clubs

Established in 1981 by golf club designer Takamitsu Takebayashi, Fourteen’s goal was to create the best full set of 14 clubs suited to all golfers - something no one had done before. Takebayashi’s experience as an amateur golfer is what gave him this inspiration, and thus Fourteen was born - starting as a club designing company which changed the game with a methodology that converts how a golf club feels in your hands into tangible, quantitative data. 

Fourteen works with the basic concept of Functional Beauty, believing that the appearance of a golf club is an important element in its overall performance. This is why their golf clubs are created to be outstanding in both form, and function.

Fourteen Iron Golf Clubs

Fourteen have four main series of iron clubs:

The PC-3 Golf Iron, which is Fourteen’s most forgiving club, launching the ball higher and further. Ideal for players with a moderate swing speed, this iron allows golfers to maximise their efficiency by delivering firm hits even with unstable swings.

The TB-5 Forged Golf Iron, for people who love a blade look but require more forgiveness. The large head provides a larger sweet spot for greater distance and directional control, crafted to give players more confidence on the course. Ideal for golfers with swing speeds of 85-96 mph.

The TB-7 Forged Golf Iron, another blade-style club with enough forgiveness to make it playable for any golfer. This club features a sleeker head size than the TB-5, distributing its added weight into the blade for a powerful impact.

The TC-7 Forged Golf Iron, designed for better amateurs looking for reliable control with some forgiveness. This club is crafted from premium soft carbon steel to create an iron which offers the precision of a muscle back and the forgiveness of a cavity back with enhanced stability and durability. 

Fourteen Driver Golf Clubs

Fourteen’s GelongD DX-001 Driver is the longest driver on the market, and yet, it’s still far lighter than conventional drivers. The increased club length delivers a greater speed and swing distance without sacrificing workability or control. Lengthening the club by 1 inch would usually cause a greater weight in the head, making it harder to swing. However, Fourteen have managed to decrease the weight of the head, meaning the ease of swinging is the same in the GelongD DX-001 as any conventional driver - but with exceptional speed, distance and performance.

Fourteen Wedge Golf Clubs

The RM-4 Golf Wedge utilises a new step blade design with a horizontal step between each side of the back face, providing improved spin control, workability, and feel at impact for amateur golfers. Stability is provided in the RM-4 by Precision Scorelines, a unique groove structure that allows stable approach shots to be achieved in both dry and wet conditions. The Mirror Face Milling Design features individual grooves which are carved one-by-one, delivering unmatched high spin performance and accuracy.

Fourteen Golf Club Custom Fittings at Nine by Nine Golf

At Nine by Nine Golf, we offer a range of golf club fitting consultations to support you in finding a combination that fits you as a golfer. This includes support when you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit but you aren’t sure where to start - we’ve all been there.

Our team at Nine by Nine Golf provides in-depth golf knowledge to guide you through the Fourteen Golf product line. Whether you're in search of custom-built drivers, a complete set of custom-built irons, or expert advice on custom fitting, Nine by Nine Golf is here to help you.

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